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Vid Machine Because sometimes the best marking ideas are not big ideas at all, we take the approach of explaining who you are and what you do in simple terms. But we do not stop there. Our team is a perfect combination of extremely talented animation artists, producers, editors, story tellers and advertising and marketing professionals who look at your video not only from a creative standpoint but also from a sales POV.

If your video is not helping you convert more sales, it is not doing it's job. We use video to help our clients increase sales. Vid Machine is a full service video production company that utilizes high-end digital cinema cameras (Blackmagic Cinema Camera, RED EPIC, Lumix, DJI and Canon) to deliver broadcast quality video for our clients. There is much more to you than just a website or a storefront.

Videos tell stories and demand attention. Our FAA Regulated drone operators will take your videos to new heights by adding breathtaking video and photography to your project. Spending too much time on yourself can come across as bragging and overly "salesy".

read more › Why does video work? Because we live in a world filled with people with limited attention spans. If your website doesn't grab them quickly you will likely not get them as customers. Telling your website visitors what you do and how you can help them is a simple idea that is not executed by most businesses.

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