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Sanchez Media Sanchez Media was born out of the need to build a culturally diverse video production company that would focus on authentic and genuine stories rather than resort to stereotypical tropes that misrepresent our communities. It is no secret that Latinos, African Americans, Asians--minorities in general--have low representation in front of the camera.

Unsurprisingly, representation is even lower behind the camera. Sanchez Media wants to help change that. Our team comes from a wide array of ethnic and culturally diverse backgrounds, which allows us to understand and tell stories with a variety of cultural lenses. We understand that the kind of work we do ultimately has a big impact with the end-user (your audience), which is a diverse group of people.

Whether we are producing a personal project or a video for your brand, we care deeply about the people that will ultimately watch it and judge it. That's because we are those people, we are your audience, and we want to be represented--in front of and behind the camera.

read more › Since 2018, Sanchez Media has collaborated with universities, government organizations, non-profits, and brands across California, to create videos that educate, empower and reflect our local communities. These collaborations range from branded commercials to informative political videos. Our goal was to build an ethnically and culturally diverse media company that would focus on authentic and genuine stories rather than stereotypes, which at times misrepresent our communities. Since then, we've produced news and documentary projects, a web series, corporate videos, explainer videos, and branded commercial projects.

read more › Whether you want to produce a documentary, branded video ad, direct response video, or corporate video -- development and pre-production are arguably the most important phases of any video/film project. When you work with us on your video project our key personnel will collaborate to carefully review the concept and key creative details. After initial review, our team will enter into a pre-production development phase and begin drafting a treatment, which will be shared with you. When needed, producers will conduct pre-interviews, location scouting and relevant research before production.

read more › Most projects consist of the following roles; but we can scale-up or scale-down, depending on project needs and budget. As a multilingual crew, we are able to work with talent that speak various languages. Our Director, Luciano Hidalgo, has experience directing on-set and voice-over in post-production in both English and Spanish.

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