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Crew 1 TV Operating from our New York City headquarters, the team at Crew 1 TV specializes in location video production and turn-key services, offering an extensive arsenal of camera, grip, audio, and lighting gear. From New York to LA, our video teams are as flexible as your needs and offer crew packages with gear from a single-camera to our HD multi-camera flight pack.

Crew 1 TV is a fully-insured professional operation as well as a registered MBE company in the state of NY. Our video production company has been offering award-winning camera crews, the latest gear, and "one call" production management since 1999! Our goal is to make your production a success and for our clients to never worry about cold-calling an unqualified crew again!

We specialize in location video production with expert turn-key service and award-winning crews. Dispatching from our mid-town NYC office our teams are as flexible as your needs and strive to provide the best crews, gear, and service. If you're looking for a production company that can deliver the best in broadcast/corporate video, webcasting services, multi-camera, celebrity interviews, and more, contact us today!

read more › Offering award-winning camera crews, the latest gear, and "one call" production management since 1999!. Crew 1 TV was launched in 1999 by founder and president Dino Quaglietta. Dino cut his teeth managing crews and technical operations for FOX, ABC, CBS, and NBC with countless entertainment, sports, and news broadcasts to his credit. After years of managing network operations, Dino saw the need for a single turn-key company that would pool production management, crew, gear, and post-services to enable client video production visions.

read more › All of them were looking for quality video production in NYC, and chose Crew 1 TV. Our video production crew has worked with them to create top-tier information and entertainment, and we look forward to adding your company to our list! Celebrities and noteworthy people drive our industry, and our video production company in NYC has worked with some of the best! Each of these people and the companies working for them have come to trust our video production crew in order to portray them in a good light.

read more › To the average video production company, it is enough to say "have camera, will travel." But for us, the camera is just the tip of the production iceberg. Specializing in full-service, on-location production services, we bring all the personnel, equipment, hardware, and accessories needed to deliver the level of production you deserve. Using our network of industry professionals from across the nation, we are able to provide our turn-key, end-to-end production solutions without the delays or hassles that hinder many production companies.

read more › Whether it's an in-house training video, a public announcement, internet coverage of a motivational seminar, or a personal message from your CEO, all corporate video carries the same weight and importance. Why? Because they all, in their various ways, share a message about who your company is. They are reflections of your brand and should be produced with the intent and purpose of supporting and protecting that brand and what it means to your employers and customers. At Crew 1 TV, we've specialized in corporate videos since our beginnings as a boutique production house in 1999.

read more › At Crew 1 TV, we believe we shine only when we help others shine. With interviews being some of our favorite projects to take on, we place a special importance on making sure we show each subject in their best light. Whether it's a single-camera, one-on-one intimate conversation or a more complex exchange, recorded with multiple camera angles, we have the personnel, equipment and hardware needed to ensure a pleasing and cohesive end result. Having served the entertainment and news industries since 1999, Crew 1 TV, led by founder and renowned director Dino Quaglietta, has recorded some of the most memorable and striking personal interviews of the last 20 years.

read more › You must ensure a great viewer experience by trusting an expert who is skilled and knowledgeable about the correct processes and the proper technology. You've gotta choose only those who have proven themselves to be adept in live streaming capabilities. Keeping in step with the changes in video production, the Crew 1 TV team continues to remain leaders in the video production industry. We provide all the equipment, hardware, support and personnel needed to provide a high-quality, seamless viewing experience.

read more › Driven by a passion for engaging and creative filmmaking, the Crew 1 TV team is committed to ensuring exceptional quality through every step of every production we take on. We've become known for our award-winning approach to video production, and have helped many entertainment companies, advertising agencies, celebrities, educational facilities and corporate entities experience a rare level of personalized service and artistic craftsmanship. Equipped with a vast arsenal of cutting-edge videography equipment and innovative editing software options, we are able to create exceptional visual experiences utilizing multiple cameras.

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