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Good people are hard to find. Creative Humans specializes in finding the brightest talent in the world of professional video production. Individually vetted for skills and experience, and finely curated, our roster of highly qualified creatives makes it easy to find exactly who you're looking for. Darlene is an amazing partner in finding the right fit for a project from Creative Human's massive pool of talent.

She is an incredible partner in shepherding a project from start to finish. Creative Humans is an essential resource for finding quality freelance talent for every scale of project. Big or small, pre-planned or fire-drill they somehow find a way to get it done. When we were looking for the right production partner, Creative Humans helped us to very quickly find the perfect team.

The brand was extremely impressed with how seamlessly our shoot was run and they were thrilled with the final product. Creative Humans is the professional creative matchmaker I have always needed but never had, I will not hesitate to turn to them for future projects.

Creating videos and finding talent is not always as easy as it seems. Every production is different and video teams can quickly get stretched. Creative Humans was built to help give Global Brands, Media Companies, Ad Agencies, Marketing Departments and Production Companies a valuable resource to turn to when they need that additional support. We give

Things don't need to be over-complicated, so just tell us a bit about what you're working on and get ready to open up a world of creative possibilities. It's really that simple. You might even have a little fun while you're at it. After that, we'll send you a list of curated freelancers and or video production companies for you to choose from. We don

Need more than 1 role filled? Our Directory is filled with Creative Humans in all areas of video: Creative Agencies, Directors, Animators, Editors. Just tell us what you need and we'll find it. Anyone who works in the media knows that the our industry is built on freelancers. As a producer myself I wanted to help create a smarter way to find the talent

A creative agency can be an essential partner, generating new ideas and new business for your company by presenting your brand in innovative and impactful ways. The Creative Humans directory makes it easy to find and hire top creative agencies who can help elevate the creative messaging for your brand and marketing campaigns. Post a job, or explore

It's no secret that the goal of commercials is to promote sales of a product or service. However, it is crucial for your advertisement to stand out from the dozens of others that people see each day to make an impact on your target audience. With the increasing amount of content available on social media, television, streaming services, and mobile,

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