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AMC staff and crew are first-rate, experienced Green Screen and WebCasting Video Professionals. Emmy-winning producer, Bill Milling and a highly experienced team of multiple award-winning professionals have written, produced, and directed over twenty feature films and hundreds of commercials and corporate and music videos. Our producers, writers, directors of photography, CGI artists, video crews and editors will work to bring your vision to life at the highest possible quality while respecting your budget.

We have production experience on major motion pictures such as: The Mortal Instruments, City of Bones (Shadow Hunters), 54, The Third Miracle, The Late Shift, Senseless, Another 9 Weeks, as well as many seasons' work on TV series such as Friends, How I Met Your Mother, Will & Grace, The Sopranos, Mad About You and dozens of others. For over a decade, we have specialized in live WebCasting NYC and streaming media services.

Our Chelsea North Green Screen Studio features a fully-equipped soundproof control room and top-of-the-line TriCaster 8000, which is in turn connected to a 1 gigabyte fiber line connected directly to the nearby Google Building.

read more › Live Stream your content worldwide with our expert WebCasting services at the top Green Screen and White Cyc Video Production Studios in NYC. We provide WebCasting solutions for all of your production needs. The American Movie Company has been at the forefront of video production and chroma key technology for over 20 years. We were one of the first film companies to adopt Green Screen Sound Stages and make them available as rentals. Since then we have become experts in all aspects of getting you the best value for your production.

read more › The following studios are generally considered to be the best Green Screen Stage Rentals in New York City. Some studios have white cycloramas but will paint for a fee or hang green fabric or paper seamless. Essential details are next to each picture. Clicking the name of the studio will take you to a dedicated page with more images and complete studio information.

read more › This is our sister Green Screen Stage and massive White Cyc Stage, in Astoria, Queens, owned and operated by our strategic partners. The huge studio in Astoria has several stages and includes a full working kitchen which is available for shooting. 4K Virtual SetsNew 4K Camera Move Green Screen Compositing Technology at Our Astoria Prime Studio. The world of film and television production is subject to constant change. As we in the business know disappointment and rejection are daily rations. At times, we may.

read more › We Live Composite Actors Into 3D/4K Photorealistic Virtual Sets With a Moving Jib Mounted Camera. The stage is equipped with a Sony F55 4K camera with Cabrio Zoom Lens on a modified Jimmy Jib. We use an advanced tracking system with motors on the Jib and lens to perfectly sync the exact focal length of the lens and the position of the camera in space relative to the 3D virtual set. Normally, the only way to achieve camera movement on a green screen is to place tracking markers on the green screen and then, in post-production, use a process called Cameramatch Move to composite.

read more › White Cyc, an abbreviated form of cyclorama, also referred to as cyclorama wall or cyc wall, was popularized in German theaters in the 1800s. The use of a curved or "seamless background" partially encloses the stage & forms an endless background. Sometimes called the Infinity Background, this theater tool enables film or theater producers to create an endless array of special effects. For example, a good lighting designer can create the effect of floating on a sea of clouds while models or actors perform.

read more › Brooklyn Drive-in Studio is a production space located in the vibrant Bushwick neighborhood of Brooklyn. Only 15 minutes from Manhattan and just steps from the subway, the space is easily accessible by all forms of transportation. The studio is comprised of a U-shaped cyclorama and an expansive 1,600 square foot staging space, all conveniently located on the first floor of a warehouse that allows for drive-in access. Brooklyn Drive-in Studio offers many amenities including a separate hair and makeup rooms, a kitchenette, three full bathrooms, and a client lounge.

read more › When you book a Brooklyn Prime Studio we guarantee that all sanitary and safety precautions are considered and taken care of. All surfaces and equipment are sanitized and sterilized. American Movie Company offers a variety of Live Solutions for every occasion. Our WebCasting services can be customized for each occasion and for the expected audience size. Live Stream Private or Public event from our top WebCasting Studios in NYC.

read more › Brooklyn Mega Stage Green Cyc Studio - Features 7,000 Square Feet of Full Service Sound Stage. With over 17,000 square feet of full-service sound stages, studios, on-site G&E rentals, and a myriad of additional modern amenities, Brooklyn Mega Stage Green Cyc Studio has everything you need for your film, television show, Commercial, music video or any other media project! With two convenient locations in Brooklyn, our stages are the perfect home for your production! Our inventory features the most up-to-date lighting equipment and is constantly being revised to stay current with modern technology.

read more › Sound Stage Studio 2 is equipped with 20 tons of HVAC to keep your crew and clients cool in the heat of summer and toasty warm in the dead of winter. The stage is directly adjacent to Studio 1; the two stages can be rented independently or in tandem for simultaneous multiple setups. Both stages have separate entrances, roll gates and loading areas and are sound isolated from each other. Studio 2 is conveniently located in Bushwick, Brooklyn one block from the L train, with easy access to Manhattan, JFK and LGA.

read more › Studios 5 and 6 are equipped with 30 tons of silent HVAC to keep your crew and clients cool in the heat of summer and toasty warm in the dead of winter. Studio 5/6 is one large private studio that you will have exclusive access to for your shoot. No sharing with other productions. You are welcome to pull your vehicle onto our loading dock, and, upon request, park in our parking lot. There is also free street parking available on our block! Oh, and the parking lot is perfect for shooting outdoors in a controlled environment.

read more › Studio B is a 800 sq ft daylight studio featuring natural light and a spacious client staging area. Studio C is a 2,500 sq ft open studio located on our 4th floor featuring a stage and two green rooms. This is a common area used by both Studio A & B. If only one studio is rented, client has access to the entire space. A large, quiet room with a full sized conference table and comfortable chairs for Studio A Clients to use as they see fit. As production / lunch whatever. Chelsea 26th Street Studio is our NYC white cyc video production facility located in Lower Midtown, Manhattan.

read more › Studios A and B are located right next to each other and can be combined or used independently. Both are conveniently located right next to a kitchen, makeup room, 2 bathrooms and a mezzanine. Studio A has 2500 square feet and 25 foot high ceilings with grid for hanging anything you need. It's conveniently located right next to a kitchen, makeup room, 2 bathrooms and a mezzanine. Studio B which is located right next to Studio A and can be combined with it or used independently. Studio B has 2500 square feet and 25 foot high ceilings with grid for hanging anything you need.

read more › Additional amenities include editing suite, makeup room, working and shooting kitchen (with Wolf Gas Oven), freight elevator and WiFi. Large, charming loft shooting space with 12' ceilings. Large windows, (can be darkened and sound deadened) hardwood floors, French doors, antique bookcases, harp, working "shoot-in kitchen" and dining area. It has often been used as dance space and exercise and yoga videos have been shot here. Stage comes with green, black, white, blue or grey backgrounds. It Includes complementary studio manager, as well as our lighting and grip package (below).

read more › Chelsea North is our flagship NYC Green Screen and White Cyc production facility. It is one of the largest in Manhattan, featuring three separate stages, two green and one white. All sound stage rentals include a complementary studio manager, as well as our lighting and grip package. Additional amenities include a world class WebCasting facility, a world class editing and post production studio, two makeup rooms, two recording rooms, green rooms for talent and guests, kitchen, 24/7 freight elevator access with loading dock, and film production-ready silent air conditioning.

read more › A Satellite Media Tour is a secure method employed by broadcasters to distribute live video of a celebrity or expert to local television news broadcast studios for live interaction with their host, A typical tour might have a celebrity in the studio in one city connected to different local news stations every hour or so. By example, a celebrity, political candidate or pundit might be in our NYC studio and at 8AM appear on CNN and at 9AM on WNBC and at 10AM on ABC. Chelsea West, located at Hudson Yards on Manhattan's west, side is a fulls service production, designing and broadcasting facility live streaming events for global brand leaders.

read more › This space is an over-sized, pre-lit, fully-equipped (in both cookware and production equipment) kitchen production studio. Adjacent to this studio is a large event space for presentations; it can double as a lounge depending on how we furnish it. Large windows in the event space allow for our clients to choose between natural light and our (artificial) lighting packages. Our kitchen comes ready for any cooking production or event. Pots, pans, small appliances including cooking/dining utensils, food processor, blender, and a KitchenAid Pro Mixer all included in the kitchen rental.

read more › White Cyc Seamless Daylight Studio with Multiple Standing Sets and Props for a Variety of Shoots. Aside from providing an affordable alternative to the larger studios in Manhattan, we offer what none of them have and that's the convenience of having over a million props under the same roof, saving time and money. Gladiolas, Lilies, Daisies, Sweetheart Roses, Tulips, Delphiniums, Dogwood Blossoms, Japanese Maple, Carnations, Sweet Pea Blossoms, Peonies, Hydrangeas, Orchids and Poppies are the setting among beautiful furniture.

read more › You are welcome to bring your own lighting and grip or rent from our extensive collection. The large white cyc drive-in video studio NJ includes spectacular amenities. New Jersey Prime Studios also provides dressing rooms, hair and makeup stations, conference rooms, a living room, a washer/dryer set (great for shooting laundry detergent commercials), and 4 bathrooms! Lighting Grid: The Sound Stage's 2 1/2 inch lighting grid features 49 stage pin connections to accommodate even the most complex lighting situations.

read more › After you create a music video spend hours mixing, cutting tracks, and jamming out on a variety of instruments and equipment in a soundproof space. Ideal for behind-the-scenes business meetings, have a seat in one of our offices and conference with your production team in this fully tech equipped space.

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