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We understand that during this pandemic that safety is very important. All of our videographers wear masks at all times as well as wash their hands and disinfect all of our equipment. We follow all production guidelines to ensure your safety and ours. Visit our sister site to learn more about or wedding services, packages and complete wedding video portfolio.

Over 70% of marketers believe that Video is effective in Brand Awareness, Lead Generation, and Online Engagement. Working with Jason was a pleasure and a blast from start to finish. Jason and 4th Kind Entertainment were professional and passionate about the project we worked on together. They have won all of my future video business because of the fantastic service and quality product.

4th Kind did a great promotional video for our brewery on-site, they were in and out in 1 day, the video in less than a week. We used this on social media sites to drive traffic to out grand opening. Speaking as a business owner and marketer with a masters degree in film, I'm happy to say that 4th Kind is excellent to work with.

read more › 4th Kind Entertainment began in 2011 with a passion to create interesting films. After spending many years as writers for various projects, we decided to branch out and film our own content. We launched a web series titled 'Head Trauma with an innovative online streaming interaction. The series was a mix of live improv, stand up and comedy sketches. After 2 successful seasons, we decided to branch out into other videos such as short films and music videos. Over 2012 we produced 5 short films winning best in show for the 24-hour film race for our short film "Merge": and also directed 2 shorts with best actor winners in a 1000 hour film contest and a 48-hour film contest.

read more › Company profile videos or also known as "about us" videos are one of the most common types of corporate videos. The reason these videos are so common is that most humans learn visually and what better way to describe your business than with a video. Usually, these videos show what your company is about including your products services and even your history. You've probably seen many videos such as this on a website and they can range in content and presentation. The main focus is to inform or sell, but that doesn't mean they can't be entertaining.

read more › We have a whole new site dedicated to just our weddings. Whether you are in a band, a solo musician, or even have a child preforming a recital, having a video f the event can really help. A lot of musicians starting out overlook the importance of having their concerts filmed until some one asks to see a video of their performance. Yes, you may be able to have your friend use his smartphone to record your concert, but what type of response will you get when you upload it? Besides the poor video quality, the video won't sound very good either.

read more › Music and visuals have gone together since the beginning of film in the late 19th century. Even before MTV showed us the power of music and video there were a plethora of films enhanced by music. Even though MTV doesn't provide the same music video experience as it once did, there is still a lot of power to creating a music video if you are a musician. Videos can express your music and lyrics in a way no other medium can. We all have favorite videos that are either from the past or current we look up or share on sites like Youtube and Vimeo.

read more › Commercials have been around since the days of radio and immediately hit screens in the early 1950s with the introduction of television. One of the most popular and enduring commercial types is the product profile demo. From cars to cereal we have all seen these types of commercials but the real question is do they still work in the era of the internet and much tech-savvy millennial? The answer is yes, but it depends on your product or service and most importantly how it's presented. Showing your product on TV, social media or anywhere on the web is a great way to see your sales rise, gain more exposure or even educate consumers.

read more › If you work in the legal field you most likely know the value of video depostions. Even though the result is much more costly then a paper version, the results can help cases. We provide very reasonable rates along with professional looking videos that will help your case no matter the intended use of the video. Due to the sensitive nature and privacy issues we can not share any of the depositions we have captured. Not all legal video services need to be case related. Video is a powerful tool to help your legal business as well.

read more › The real estate market can change in the bink of an eye. Trying to stay ahead of current trends can seem like a daunting task for real estate agencies or brokers. In the past few years the rise of video walk throughs has helped real estate professionals. The fact is video can be expensive but it doesn't always have to be. A short 30 second video or VR walkthrough can help buyers get a real sense of what the property is really like. This is something that simple photos just can't do. The cost of thse videos are very reasonable, especially when compared to how effective they can be.

read more › 4th Kind Entertainment is a full-service production company and video marketing company. With our 10+ years of experience, we have successfully created videos for over 50 companies in Colorado and around the United States. Our clients always come first and we always exceed their expectations. Our perfect client is someone who knows their business and has a basic understanding of their customers. They must be willing to fully collaborate on projects and provide us with the details needed to ensure the success of the project.

read more › Let's face it: videos are the future of content. They do what text just can't, and that is to create an immediate, vivid connection with your audience. The right video can make your viewers retain 95% of your message - compare that to a 10% retention rate for the same message conveyed through text. The title of this article may sound ridiculous to you, but hear me out. I know that hiring a professional for anything business related is usually because you lack the knowledge, time, skill or a mix of all.

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