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Little Raven Pictures For the last few years, videos have been the most powerful driver for engaging people and telling your unique story. It's shocking just how many websites don't have even a single video on their pages. We specialize in creative corporate video content that helps engage audiences and tells your unique story. Dedicated to taking a collaborative approach to producing creative content, our video production services begin with production budgeting and scheduling.

This establishes a delivery time and locks in creative direction, helping to ensure an on-time delivery, every time. Our creatively driven, strategic production team will work with you from initial brainstorming story ideas through the final cut. Our Director of Photography, Todd Skougor is skilled at bringing subjects to life. With over 25 years of experience and a high level of technical expertise, Todd adds energy and compelling pacing to every video production.

Our complete array of services services include set design, audio engineering, lighting, photography, direction, and coordination.

read more › Todd has over 25 years experience in television. His eye for sequencing as a shooter, editor and creative storyteller makes his work product exceptional and quick to deliver. He is a US Air Force Combat Camera Veteran and graduate of Syracuse University's Military Motion Media Studies Program. Post Air Force, he began work as a line producer/post supervisor then eventually shooter and editor for Animal Planet programs. He became a Freelancer in 2001 and partnered with Claire in 2007, creating Little Raven Pictures.

read more › Little Raven Pictures offers three main video services for our clients in Denver, and these are production, shooting, editing. Our team has 60 years of combined experience, and our purpose now is to direct all of our knowledge and expertise towards creating the best possible video for you. Corporate videos are more impactful than print campaigns according to many studies. Video's second punch is that it is much better at retention of the message than written text. This means internal and external communications would be more effictive in video format.

read more › I have used Todd for editing for over 10 years. He has worked on projects ranging from promos to long form news documentaries to sports with us. He is able to collaborate creatively with producers or just follow their vision. He is reliable and always shows up with a great attitude. He's always ready to put in the work needed to get a quality project done. When you've booked the kind of client that needs to be wowed, from the first cut, you want a guy like Todd Skougor. I've gone to Little Raven Pictures for my most crucial and important productions, not only because Todd is more reliable than an atomic clock, but because Todd brings his professional eye to the shoot.

read more › Ask yourself this question: can a normal person tell what you're all about from a few minutes on your site? If the answer is no, don't worry, it's not completely your fault. Some niches are just too obscure for most people to understand without some training, while the jargon of others is just too hard to penetrate. There is a solution for these problems - a Denver corporate video production from Little Raven Pictures. The goal of this service is to introduce you to your market in the clearest and most concise way possible.

read more › Little Raven Pictures is all about using the most modern technology to penetrate every channel and platform people use to get information - this includes, of course, the Internet. Anyone who hasn't considered, or is against using online videos as part of their marketing strategy is going to have a hard time measuring up to the competition. The web video production services that our team offers businesses in Denver is a comprehensive experience that includes writing a clear script, coaching for the presenter during the shoot, and editing the final product.

read more › What's the best way to make people pay attention to you? You talk to them. But, there aren't any channels through which actual human communication is possible - except for video, of course. Little Raven Pictures is a production company that makes marketing videos for businesses in Denver, and our team has all the tools to deliver the perfect product that will make your brand known to your market. With decades of experience under our belt, we'll shoot a compelling video that tops in the industry, both creatively and technically.

read more › I was lucky enough to work with Todd on a remote shoot, and by remote I mean: no internet, no cell service, no electricity or plumbing and not a road for 30 miles! During the week long, 16 hours-a-day shoot, Todd worked his butt off. He had a great attitude, kept everyone's spirits up, shot beautiful images (even though it rained most the shoot) and made the best of a crazy situation. I believe it says a great deal about his character and his talents. If you are considering Todd for a shoot, please let it be warm and dry with one or two creature comforts.

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