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Otherworldly Productions Otherworldly Productions is a full-service video production company based in Denver, Colorado. We started making videos in 2004, filming high school movies on MiniDV tapes. Fast forward a decent span of time and you will find us striving like mad to create a visually delicious experience with every video we release. We can tackle any project that floats through our inbox.

We build our videos from scratch, in collaboration with our clients. Our job is to ensure your message shines in a world of blistering efficiency, while having fun in the process. Brands, agencies, startups, corporations and non-profits are our typical customers, but we also produce short films, documentaries and music videos. We can rock simple projects and go completely nuts on massive video visions.

Sound design is our jam sauce, but words are empty, so listen to THIS.

Otherworldly Productions is a family operated video production company, run by Evan and Deborah Mann. We support artists, musicians, agencies and brands through visual storytelling and design. We specialize in creating visual phenomena that nourishes and inspires the imagination. We are always open for collaboration. When Evan graduated from RISD in

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