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Quadrid Productions Self promotion can feel a little dirty. Our approach captures the essence of your business in ways that aren't salesy - instead, giving viewers an honest look at the heart and soul behind your business. Our videos create a deep emotional connection between the content and the viewer - which is good marketing because purchase decisions are emotional decisions.

We work with businesses that are passionate about their craft, usually in Denver, Colorado. Some clients have a clear idea of what they want - most don't. We will walk you through our "discovery process, " which will bring to the surface the essence of what you do in innovative and genuine ways. Then we will come up with an approach that best accomplishes your goals while staying within your budget.

We are a full service Denver video production company, meaning, we are as specialized in pre-production as production and post production. As we prepare for the shoot, we'll send a schedule, things to think about, and anything else you and your organization may need to prepare.

read more › Rather than being mediocre at everything, we're experts in our niche. This means you're paying us to be creative rather than having to reinvent the wheel for industries and genres we're not familiar with. Our office and edit suite is at a coworking space. Our staff is small so we don't have to take on extra work just to make payroll. We purchase equipment that will be used consistently as tools - not flashy toys. Essentially all our business decisions are made through a lens of long term sustainability for both Quadrid and our clients.

read more › We're constantly dreaming of ways to improve our production values while keeping our price points approachable. One of our methods - working with a collaborative team of freelance videographers alongside a small staff. Hiring salary employees would require us to keep them busy (or raise prices). We'd also inevitably end up taking on video projects outside our niche (lowering overall quality). Working with freelance videographers gives us the benefit of flexibility. We only take on projects that are a great fit and hire out specialized videographers who share a common vision.

read more › Quadrid Productions is a video production company in Denver, Colorado that works with artists, makers, food products, and other local businesses passionate about their craft to produce videos that capture the essence behind a business. Quadrid was started in 1999 by Craig Spinks, Quadrid was originally located in Cincinnati, Ohio before relocating to Colorado in 2008. In 2013, Quadrid relaunched with a new direction to better serve our ideal clients: passionate local businesses. Every business decision is now made with the best interests of this niche in mind.

read more › Most video production companies wait to discuss pricing until a project's details have been discussed. Fair enough. Every project is different and it's difficult to predict costs without figuring out specifics. But since we work primarily with small businesses who often don't have any idea how much quality video production costs, we've chosen to be transparent about our pricing. And while every project is different, we've found that most projects within our niche fall into a few categories that can easily be modified to suit each project's unique needs.

read more › The best way to see what we're all about is to watch our brand video on our homepage. The next thing you should do is watch a bunch of videos in our video production portfolio! You'll quickly notice we have a niche. We work with small passionate businesses. Our video projects capture the essence behind the small businesses we work with. But don't keep reading about our niche - go watch some videos! Our pricing isn't hidden. We even give prices for every video in our portfolio! We realize small businesses are budget conscious, so we discuss pricing early on.

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