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Skillman Video Group Skillman Video Group is a multi-service video production company & video content agency creating innovative video marketing content for our clients. But we do more than just shoot and edit - we can help transform the way the world sees you. From conceptual development to professionally-crafted final videos, we at SVG understand how vitally important it is to stay relevant in today's market.

That's what we're here for: to showcase your story to the world in its most polished and effective form. Video is the undisputed language of online content, and in the world of production, the difference between 'the good' and 'the excellent' can be the difference between growth and stagnation. Skillman Video Group prides itself on providing high quality video production work that is flexible to your company's needs.

Driving traffic towards online content and reaching an audience is not enough. The number of impressions does not necessarily equate to the number of people impressed. You need to make an impact.

read more › Marketing is becoming less and less about selling and peddling wares but more about telling a genuine story. The greatest differentiating factor is not just about a product or service, but about who you are as an organization. Companies successful at marketing worry less about highlighting each and every facet of their product or service, and more about getting their story and values heard, and communicating that story in the most effective and memorable way possible. With the proliferation of video on the web, social media and content management systems, we believe that in the not-too-distant-future, marketing on the internet will claim a greater role than even TV or radio.

read more › When working with our clients, we go by the mantra of "telling a genuine story". Stories have a profound and powerful effect on the growth of modern marketing initiatives. The process of storytelling is oriented around creative solutions to developing content. SVG doesn't just preach the idea as a tenant of online marketing. We have lived our story and experienced the benefit of sharing our story firsthand. Christina Skillman, Founder & CEO of Skillman Video Group, started her career working in local cable television.

read more › This is our most widely used service offering - a comprehensive and professional video production team organized around our clients needs. Skillman Video Group Producers have the expertise to work with our clients through the entire creative process starting in pre-production (scripting, storyboarding etc) and ending in post-production (editing, animation etc). SVG Directors and crews utilize every technical advantage for shooting dynamic, clean and visually appealing footage. We shoot on only high-end, Broadcast quality HD cameras.

read more › Brevity is the soul of wit, and nowhere is that more evident than in the world of video production. Quality content is all about saying as much in as little time as possible - with precision, clarity, and style. Brand videos provide a starter package that leaves clients with a sharp final product aimed at expressing their brand, their mission, and their story in short and memorable 2-3 minute video. Use it as a way of introducing new clients to your company, or as a building block for a longer marketing campaign - either way, brand videos are an effective and precise piece of content designed with your needs in mind.

read more › Live events are transient by nature - that's what makes them so compelling. Concerts, lecture series, even staged productions are all onetime deals that might get repeated, but never in the same way. What happens when you want to capture the magic of a concert, the content of a lecture, or the workings of a staged event? Skillman Video Group is here to do just that. Our live event video production experience gives us the edge in capturing the excitement and vivacity of your event. From huge events with multiple camera setups, to flexible one-camera jobs, Skillman Video Group has produced top-notch material in a wide range of live settings.

read more › Using video as the primary language for online content allows us to leverage a variety of tools to help us better convey story and meaning. Each creative problem we tackle requires a unique solution, and we at SVG are proud to be able to offer video animation as one of our key tools and service packages. Video animation can seem simple, but when executed well, it opens up entirely new avenues of expression and control. Video animation is particularly useful for expressing services or methodologies that are complex or hard to parse out in the format of a short online video.

read more › At Skillman Video Group, each interaction with a client is about more than a job: it's about forming a relationship. Our work revolves around creating partnerships with local and national businesses and organizations. In that vein, we offer consulting and corporate training to determine the sort of production, marketing or training work that might be most useful to a potential client. Be it a small business, a large corporate client, or anywhere in between, our consulting and corporate training provides an open forum for determining how we can best serve you.

read more › As Skillman Video Group LLC has grown as company, so too has our reach. While still providing the Boston and New England area with expert video production work, we've also developed partnerships with clients on the national and international level. SVG works closely with our clients to develop unique professional video and video marketing solutions to meet a variety of needs. Below is a small portfolio of some of our previous work in a variety of categories, highlighting the wide range of businesses, organizations, and people we have served in the past.

read more › Skillman Video Group is a Boston video production company specializing in marketing videos, training videos, videos for home improvement contractors, live event videos, corporate videos, promotional videos and professional videography for companies in Greater Boston and beyond. We also have highly experienced, award winning Boston Videographers that capture HD/Broadcast quality video.

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