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Skylar Shankman Photography/Videography Skylar Shankman is a New England based photographer and videographer specializing in candid portraiture and cinematic promotional and marketing videos. His fine art photography is firmly rooted in the inherent subjectivity of art and the idea that no two people see the same thing. The titles of his images are simple, describing only what the photographer saw at the moment of capture, inviting the viewer to draw out their own meaning.

Commercially, Skylar's video work draws from the emotional appeal of his subject matter while presenting the client's message in a clear and concise manner that is accented by beautifully cinematic visuals. He has been hired to produce a variety of commercial projects including promotional videos for major institutions, PR and branding clips for local nightlife hotspots, documentary style event coverage and highlight reels, music videos, cinematic wedding videos, television spots, interviews, and more.

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read more › A 30 second television commercial produced for Cambridge Health Alliance to highlight their recent Grade A Leapfrog Safety Award. Listen to CHA providers talk about our problematic history and a CHA patient talk about having vaccine concerns. Find out why health equity is bigger than getting vaccinated and how the vaccine can help us get there. In this video we get an inside look at an ongoing research project in the department of Biology at Northeastern University. In this video we get an inside look at an ongoing research project in the department of Biochemistry at Northeastern University.

read more › Diversity is embedded into every part of CHA. Join us as we speak with current residents, physicians, and staff and begin looking to the future to do even more to be a leader in health equity and justice. An in-depth look at the vitally important work direct care workers do in Pennsylvania, allowing people with disabilities to live and receive compassionate care in their own homes on their own terms. We speak with current students and faculty about the numerous invaluable research opportunities available to Northeastern students and how these opportunities impacted their career choices and love of science.

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