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Shooting Richard Entertainment No matter the medium, my passion is telling stories in the most creative ways possible. I am a video producer. I am a director. I am an editor. I am a photographer. I am a novelist. I am a film crew member. I am a creative strategist. I've worked on Hollywood-sized projects and I've bled for pieces that would be happy to have even a single dollar.

I've written 300-page novels and 3-second TV promos. Regardless of what I'm doing, I never forget it's all about the story. Over the past ten years, I've been busy crafting films of all types; from narrative to documentary to commercial. I thrive in the film, television, commercial and brand video worlds. My driving passion is to captivate audiences, and I excel when using my skills and style to promote brands, move audiences, and impact lives.

My work has won over 50 industry awards, reached millions of viewers, and made hundreds of clients happy. I've served a wide variety of productions; from military contractors to universities, non-profits to Fortune-500 companies, Hollywood directors to agency executives.

read more › I work with clients and production companies to help tell stories that need to be told. I promote brands and advertise content, I question the status-quo and search for new perspectives, I marry the visual with the logical. Whatever I'm working on, whether it be a feature film or a featured product, I pour all of my energy into it. As a producer and director, I tend to wear many hats on any given project. The clips you'll see above are from projects I have produced and directed, and many of them I have written, shot, and edited as well.

read more › THUS TO INNOCENCE is my first published novel. The story is a thriller that centers around an accidental homicide in a small college town. Tom McCabe and two friends accidentally killed a fellow college student, Nico Ruiz. It's a clear case of self defense, except Nico was running drugs for the region's deadliest gang, the Black Thorns. Rather than take their chances with the small town police and risk evisceration at the hands of the gang, the bury Nico's body, destroy the drugs, and let the rain wash away the evidence.

read more › Let's be honest. Usually they're bad. Really bad. Low quality and even lower views, cheesy graphics, corny acting, and over-modulated elevator muzak. Most authors don't see any return on their investment when creating a book trailer because it isn't worth watching. The truth is, most book trailers are created with loads of optimistic mythology but not much strategy. Many authors do it themselves, and although their hearts are in it, they're writers, not filmmakers. The failure of both independent authors and big publishing houses to recognize video's power for advertising stories is often attributed to the fact that no one watches these awful book trailers, and publishers conclude that no one wants to watch book trailers.

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