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Henninger Media Service Henninger Media was founded in 1983 by Rob Henninger on five core values: Quality, Service, Innovation, Teamwork and Creativity. We are a team of professionals dedicated to helping our clients deliver their messaging through the ever-changing world of digital media. Henninger Media Services provides Professional Video Production and Post Production Services across the Mid-Atlantic Region including Washington, D.C.| Baltimore MD | Arlington | Richmond | Charlottesville.

Contact Henninger Media Services - Video Production and Post Production Company in Arlington, VA. I have worked with Henninger Media Services for more than 25 years. Project managers at Henninger have always been superbly creative and given my projects the utmost attention. The Henninger team is prompt, professional - and the perfect partner for video production.

We have worked on several projects together. I love their ideas, and creativity for my client videos. The level of professionalism exuded by Henninger Media Services is bar-none, absolutely stellar.

Henninger was founded in 1983 by Rob Henninger on five core values: Quality, Service, Innovation, Teamwork and Creativity. These principles are still the foundation of our business and what we apply to every project that comes through our doors. Film and video projects are labors of love, and our staff understands the effort that goes into each frame

Henninger Media Services is a Premier Video Production and Post Production Company striving to deliver the best possible results to our clients by providing the best video production services. Whether you're looking for script-to-screen production or just need help finding a crew and supervising your project through post, we can help. Last minute needs

Video Editing is what puts Henninger on the map, and we still provide exceptional Video Editing Services today. Our staff editors are highly experienced, with over 10 years of experience each. Our 20,000 square foot facility includes six large Video Editing Suites (great for review sessions) and over 20 additional Suites available for weekly or monthly

Nothing can hurt a good video faster than audio quality problems. That's why our Sound Design, Sound Mixing and Sound Production team is trusted to take all kinds of Videos across the finish line. Our experienced Sound Mixers work in specially designed Suites to ensure that the finished projects sound perfect. Their work on broadcast and cinema quality

We live in an increasingly tapeless, digital world. Our Core Services team has considerable knowledge in tapeless formats, DCPs, compression and digital delivery while understanding legacy formats as well. They lead the way in providing clients with a wide variety of services. A DCP, or Digital Cinema Package, is the standard for delivering films to

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