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LAI Video is a Washington, DC-based video production agency that specializes in delivering powerful video-driven campaigns for a variety of corporations, associations, non-profits, & academic institutions across the country. Check out our award-winning video production agency portfolio and see how we help clients uncover their story and bring it to life through video-centric campaigns to inspire, educate, and connect with their target audiences.

The LAI Video team has always enjoyed supporting the association community by creating content that brings each association's stories to life and captures the magic of the industry. As we move full ti. With the power and reach of marketing, your organization's message can be seen and heard by just about anyone, anywhere in the world. But can they understand your message?

Adding subtitles and transla. Get the inside scoop from a video marketing agency who's on the ground and in the air. See our latest video campaigns, the newest industry trends, the hottest topics, and general musings from the team.

read more › LAI Video houses some of the industry's most creative, intelligent, and ruthless talent. Our team of video warriors, scoundrels, and do-gooders is trained to push the grandest of ideas into the smallest of production timelines. Matthew Jones is the president and chief executive officer at Leading Authorities Inc., one of the nation's most prominent event design and lecture agencies, with unique capabilities in lecture representation, media and event production, and entertainment. Kate is the chief operating officer and is involved across the company in executing plans for growth.

read more › As video-enthusiasts and media-consumptionists, the LAI Video nerds enjoy telling a good story. We pitch, produce and project commercial-grade videos to viewers across the country. From public service announcements to product promos, we develop a new angle to engage with your target audience. Dwyer Plumbing utilized interview-based messaging to connect them with consumers in their target market. More than just a one-off project of our video production services, we seek to understand the context in which a piece of video communication exists.

read more › It's important to have effective virtual, hybrid, and in-person communication solutions to ensure your marketing messages are delivered - in any setting. Learn more about using video to power every part of your business. At LAI Video, whether our cinematographers are grounded or filming in-person, we're happy to offer a number of other services to help reinforce your short term needs or reassess your long term goals. Whether we are crowdsourcing content or creating fully-animated scenes from scratch, we script and produce "explainer" videos to help make sense of specific topics or define comprehensive online learning courses.

read more › Packaging up your expertise in an explainer video is an incredible way to share what you know and grow your audience. There's never been a more relevant time to add an Explainer video to your communications strategy. So what are explainer videos? Explainers are a popular and trusted marketing tool, and there's a simple reason why: they provide an effective and entertaining way to communicate big, complex ideas quickly. As one the leading explainer video companies in DC, LAI Video can help you package up your expertise and share it with the world.

read more › There's a difference between your company happy hour Zoom call and a for-real virtual, hybrid, or in-person event. Meet your viewers' expectations with high-quality graphics and production value that transform your meeting into an unforgettable experience. This is your opportunity to pull your audience a little closer to their screens, build anticipation for your programming, and establish the parameters for an unforgettable virtual, hybrid, or in-person experience. Our team of visual storytellers will translate your event's guiding themes and takeaways into an energy-filled inspirational opening movement, using powerful imagery and motion design.

read more › Using video to hype your event is not just a better way to drive attendance, it's also a valuable opportunity to introduce attendees to the upcoming experience your organization has worked hard to create. LAI Video is here to explain what is a promotional video and help you build anticipation for your programming so you can rally your members around the mission driving your organization, using vivid, emotionally resonant and informative promotional content. Make sure your organization's larger goals are front and center with a powerful and informative donation video.

read more › Today's online marketplace is, in a word, crowded. This makes it easy for messages to get smothered and makes brand-building all the more critical. Word-of-mouth (or phone-to-phone) marketing-when done right-is the most effective way to generate brand awareness and influence. So what's the most memorable vehicle to release your message? A series of short, emotional videos. Don't just tap into the power of social media. Harness it to reach a much larger audience. Communicate the essence of your brand.

read more › Having an effective internal communications strategy is more important than ever. Making room for video in your internal comms plan will help you strengthen connections to ensure your workplace culture has the strength to succeed. If you're looking for effective tools to keep your stakeholders in sync, consider these engagement-enhancing video options. Whether you're opening a sales meeting with remarks from an outside expert, providing a platform for your leaders to engage an entire organization, or connecting directly to individual teams, a direct address video is an effective way to deliver timely information, boost morale, and tell the story of your organization.

read more › Got an amazing new thing that everyone needs? Something you just have to see to believe? If you're ready to launch a new product, re-launch a great product in need of attention, or demo how to use a product, product promotion videos will maximize the success of any (or all) of the above. Example Project: Partnering with tech firm Cvent, we helped promote their brand and impressive suite of applications using motion graphics, stock visuals, and a sharp, customer-focused script. Why It Works: As entertaining as it is educational, this product promo video effectively communicates Cvent's functionality, brand, and personality.

read more › As a powerful storytelling medium, video is effective in evoking emotional responses and raising awareness about an issue. Touch your viewers in a way that compels them to act by depicting your organization's motivations, initiatives, and testaments. Continue scrolling to learn more about non-profit video strategy and the different types of videos for fundraising. No one likes cold or aggressive donation tactics. Luckily, there's a way to ask for money that's endearing and compelling: a fundraising video.

read more › What is it like to work at your company or in your industry? What does your profession actually do? Is recruiting good candidates difficult? Are you trying to attract new generations or demographics to your line of work? Help the talent pool understand what you do and imagine themselves in that role. Talk about the company culture, personal responsibilities, and work-life balance. Using video as a new recruitment strategy provides potential candidates more certainty as to whether or not your company, your industry, and your profession is a good fit for them.

read more › Your big event. The one every key stakeholder will attend. The only time of the year where you'll have everyone together in one room or virtually focused on your organization. It's the opportunity to showcase your industry or business to a large audience. But how do you set the mood and establish personal connections with such a big group? Video. Not just a single piece. Think about it like a drip campaign that starts before the event to tease the experience, carries the audience on an emotional ride through the event, and finally reminds them of everything they learned.

read more › Revamping the corporate image of your organization should be a reoccurring practice that shifts, depending on the trends and fluctuations in your consumer's behavior. Maintain your likeability in the market by showing your company improvements with video! When a company or organization rebrands, the rollout can be just as important as the months of meticulous conversation. Video can definitely present that new narrative, literally bringing carefully crafted messaging to life. Example Project: In an effort to illustrate the National Retail Federation's new "brand story, " we carefully strung together relevant soundbites from member interviews and stage presentations, fast-moving b-roll from past campaigns, and on-screen text that precisely states the association's new mission and values.

read more › LAI Video's award-winning team brings decades of experience producing powerful videos and compelling digital communications campaigns for clients-both big and small-across the country. Our storytelling is unique in that we work with many audiences and industries. Our inherent curiosity drives us to become temporary authorities on a variety of specialized fields. Take a look at our industry spotlights to catch a glimpse of the different approaches we have developed with each client engagement across a myriad of different industries that are investing in video marketing.

read more › Fintech. Ok, either we've got your attention, or your eyes are rolling back into your head. Either way, we don't need to tell you that money matters are complicated. There are a lot of acronyms, a lot of rules, and policy is constantly evolving. It's safe to say that many Americans don't understand quite a bit about how our financial system works, and how these acronyms, rules, and policies affect their day-to-day lives. Or maybe it's not a member of the general public who needs to understand-maybe it's a member of Congress who will be voting on a bill, or a fellow regulator who needs information about the latest on crypto-currencies.

read more › For making up such an immense part of the U.S. economy and workforce, the manufacturing industry is at times misunderstood, often boiled down to dated imagery of gears and cogs. But, manufacturing companies, associations, and organizations are sitting on goldmines of compelling content! From featuring disruptive new technology to celebrating the everyman worker, there are stories waiting to be told and adapted within the perfect video treatment. At LAI Video, we have been delighted to partner with a number of manufacturing groups - and to humanize an industry making an enormous impact, every day.

read more › Lengthy construction schedules. Attracting investors for world-class developments. Proving that your firm is the right "fit" to sell a property-or that it's the right fit for hopeful hires looking to build their careers. As the real estate industry confronts new obstacles and opportunities, video has become its go-to communications tool. Whether it's to win a bid or to wow would-be employees, to promote a property or to build a brand, LAI Video has produced innovative video production campaigns for real estate agents, realtors, and others across the built environment sector.

read more › Advocacy is about creating change, no matter if it's locally or nationally. While there are countless causes that people can rally behind, all successful advocacy campaigns require a moving message to encourage action. Embracing our Washington, DC headquarters, LAI Video takes a unique approach to advocacy projects that inspires people to believe that their voice matters: That by signing a petition, by voting, by making that phone call or emailing a legislator, they can make a difference. Here are a few examples of video marketing campaigns that our team produced for advocacy groups, leading organizations, trade associations, and movers and shakers across the country.

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