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Wheelhouse Media is an award-winning video production company based in Charlotte, NC. As a collaborative partner, we work closely with our clients to create branded content for marketing campaigns across all media platforms. Our capabilities allow us to deliver broadcast quality high-definition video, in-house video post-production, motion design and animation, live broadcast video streaming, content ideation, and more!

Let Wheelhouse bring your ideas to life. Our broadcast quality video production will bring ideas to life in stunning 4k and 1080p to tell your story through the power of film. Video post-production is done by our team of experienced editors and animators who put the finishing touches on your story. Our experienced in-house producers and animators create studio quality 2D and 3D animation to tell your story through a different lens.

When you have to do it live, we design, produce, and deliver secure broadcast quality live streams to virtually any possible platform. Part of an original campaign starring Mindy Kaling introducing "Wine-to-Go" for Barefoot Wines.

read more › It started in 2012, when a couple of guys with cameras decided to stick it to the man and began bootstrapping their dream of owning a production company. Through discovery, we gain an intimate understanding of needs and objectives, and establish the process through which we'll deliver the optimal content solution. Armed with the game plan, our team of visual storytellers imagine what the solution looks and feels like to the constituent audience.

read more › Wheelhouse is an award-winning collective of producers, directors, creatives, writers, editors, marketers and technologists with a deep and diverse array of production, brand and agency experience. We've melded our talents, resulting in a unique and versatile practice; a content studio that brings stories to life from inception to completion. What's YOUR story? Skilled, passionate directors, producers and creatives + innovative tech = an elevated filming experience. Our experienced in-house producers and animators create studio quality 2D and 3D animation to tell your story through a different lens.

read more › We believe the story is everything. The Wheelhouse team began its journey as storytellers and you can count on our talented directors, producers, cinematographers and editors to continue that tradition in stunning 4K and 1080p broadcast quality video production. Our capabilities allow us to work across a range of production sizes or budgets with the equipment, technology and team to deliver high quality, engaging content at every level. Let Wheelhouse help you tell your story!

read more › The story isn't complete until our post-production team has done their work. Our editors, visual effects artists, and sound design engineers put the final touches on the films we create to ensure that every detail is just right. We cut our film ourselves to ensure that the overall vision is consistently maintained, while our VFX team and sound engineers create the atmosphere that will engage your audience no matter where they encounter your brand.

read more › Marketing content takes many forms, and sometimes animation is the best way to tell your story. Our team of highly skilled animators work in both 2D and 3D to create high quality animation that delivers your messaging through an inventive medium that leaves all possibilities open. We also deliver cutting edge motion design for a wide range of needs that delivers additional differentiation you need to make your message stand out in the marketplace.

read more › While we may sometimes be separated by vast distances, we deliver live experiences across any media platform through our live broadcast video production. Whether your audience is a specific group of people or the internet at-large, our team will provide broadcast quality video, delivered through secure networks. Live performances, corporate communications, or live events, we create the medium to experience the present no matter where you are.

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