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Full Scale Production Full Scale Productions is a Charlotte-based turnkey video production company. We provide engaging video storytelling for the diverse video communications strategies of corporate clients - from Fortune 50 companies to medium & small businesses, and non-profits alike. Traveling to remote productions continues to be a challenge. Consider using our experienced local team members to fill in for your crew and join the shoot remotely!

Full Scale Productions offers remote "Interrotron" style producer/ director video feeds with: Zoom, Teams, Google Meet, etc. in our studio or on location. We support producer/ talent talk-back, in prompter video, and multi-camera support, so your remote team members can see every aspect of the production! Consider live streaming or virtual conferences to accomplish the traditional in-person meeting as part of your strategy to keep your people and business healthy.

Full Scale Productions provides budget-friendly infrastructure and thought leadership for live stream video solutions, live-to-tape and online video distribution for your all-hands meetings, conferences, customer events, employee training, or any of a myriad use cases.

Video streaming meetings and conferences is an ever growing need in today's corporate environment. We see it as an effective tool in the arsenal of video storytelling. Our team has decades of combined experience in live television and corporate production. We offer one-off and series solutions for live event filming & streaming, nationally or internationally

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