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Since 2010, Platinum Platypus has partnered with companies across the world for corporate video production, motion graphics, animated infographics and 3D animation. We are a full service video production company located in New York who travel thru out the United States, UK and parts of Asia. We know that strong corporate video is successful based on several factors.

Strong, engaging visuals, along with strategic scripting and editing, that clearly highlights and markets your companies unique benefits. PlatPlat is built on a heritage of strategic copywriters and editors, along with some pretty slick production skills. Many brands trust us to craft thier messaging, while we're equally happy to work along with other strategic agencies partners or in-house marketing teams.

Our motion graphics come in a variety of flavors, informational explainer videos, Heart pumping 3d motion graphics, to show opens, and product demos. We've done it for some of the biggest brands. We love the art of visual composition and storytelling.

read more › We bring the "WOW" to your brand with professional high-energy motion graphics executed by our in-house team of 2D and 3D animation experts. Whether you need to make a splash on a 160 foot wide sports stadium screen or bring some sizzle to your next sales pitch in the conference room, Platinum Platypus has the tools and the know-how to create exciting animated content across a wide array of needs and applications. Have a complex concept to get across? Need a dynamic mix of visuals, infographics and sound design to boost visibility in a crowded social media space?

read more › Look and sound your best with 4K resolution filming, sharp direction and artfully crafted storytelling. Film is amongst our greatest passions here at Platinum Platypus. We thrive on turning even the most mundane projects into works of cinematic art. Don't settle for the standard low cost poor quality solution. Your business and/or product deserve to be showcased in the best possible light. We will work inside of all budgets, big and small, while always maintaining the highest quality standards in the industry.

read more › For over three decades, we've brought strong strategy and visual messaging to everything from Fortune 500 brands, to small to mid-sized companies all the way through to non-profit organizations. The key to success in the corporate world is in how you differentiate yourself from your competitors. Allow us to fearlessly guide you towards becoming the standout leader in your space with our highly experience team of strategic thinkers, that will work alongside you to gain a complete understanding of your business.

read more › The wonderful world of 3D design and animation does not have to be limited to large Hollywood level budgets on the big screen. We've worked with some of the largest pharmaceutical brands, professional sports teams and consumer brands to create truly stunning 3D animated content to help elevate their products and brands to the highest level. Platinum Platypus boasts a exceptional team of 3D and visual effects artists who work on film & television projects, and utilizes that same talent to create spectacular animations and effects for your corporate, commercial or consumer product videos.

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