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Mike Cocivera Pro Video Services Mike has been creating videos for over 15 years and in that amount of time has worked on various types of videos for broadcast, commercial and corporate use. Contact Mike today to see how he can assist your company's video production needs. Michael Cocivera is a digital artist of pro video services who performs the duties of Camera Operator and Editor for News and Camera Operator, Editor and Associate Producer for Corporate Video.

Michael resides in Long Island NY and specializes and is keen on the latest technology trends to better serve his clients. When projects require multiple cameras, Michael calls on a team of fellow professionals who he has worked with for over 15 years. Mike's goal is to make effective and memorable videos that help sell their clients services and products.

Filmmaking is not an easy profession and he truly loves what he does.

read more › Michael is based in Nassau County but will travel to Suffolk County Brooklyn, Bronx, Queens, Manhattan as well as further distances when requested. Mike Cocivera tries to offer the BEST video production services and experiences to his clients. One of the most important things is to educate the clients on the workflow of how the whole process works. This is the process where the video filming is done. Client involvement in this stage is optional. If there are sensitive subject matters it is recommended to have a representative present.

read more › Mike is always staying up to date with the latest trends in video production but also likes to try and accommodate the client's goals by matching their current branding. It always helps to have a fresh set of eyes to assist in determining where a company should begin with their video marketing campaign. Like many other video professionals Mike has background experience in filming weddings and other events. Corporate events and galas can be a great opportunity to have a video professional come and film the night.

read more › Real estate can at times be a particularly complicated industry when it comes to marketing today. A seller can build a website and try to sell on their own or get a seller broker to do a full on marketing campaign for them. The amount of properties on Long Island and in New York are ABUNDANT. This is why it is recommended to have a professional help you reach your goals. Your time and your clients time is precious. By hiring a professional to take photos and create a video you can actually save time giving tours to people who are not sure that they are interested and only give tours to the people who are.

read more › In 2009 I started working for the website Surveillance-Video.com and since working for them I have made over 400 videos related to this industry. From product demos and reviews to videos that demonstrate camera features and functions to educational videos teaching customers about how surveillance cameras work and how-to install them. From the product demos I have created content for brands such as: Avycon, AVTech, CNB, CRC Solutions, Digital Watchdog, Everfocus, Flir, GANZ, Hikvision, iSmart, KT&C, Nuvico, SONY, Samsung, Scallop Imaging, Speco Technologies, Toshiba, Uniden, Winic and Weldex.

read more › I am usually reluctant about listing video equipment on a website. If I need something I don't have I usually buy it or rent it. Most clients don't care what camera I use; just that the end video/product looks good. I've only recently decided to list my video equipment for clients that have strict technical specs and that they need to follow or may be hiring multiple shooters with gear and want it all to match or even try planning a production with a way to cut down rental costs. So because it is constantly being requested I decided to load it on the site.

read more › I love editing videos. In fact that was my first real passion when I decided I wanted to get into video production as a career. Some people update their demos yearly and others more often than that. I try updating mine when I have the time but I will always provide finished samples of videos when requested. It has been great working with so many talented award winning journalists and has been a wonderful learning experience. Day-of Air news can be some of the most challenging work. From working on super tight deadlines to having minimal footage it can be a stressful but rewarding environment.

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