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QUE Productions QUE Productions is a NY based video production company providing end-to-end production services from concept to completion. We specialize in TV advertising, Online Video Marketing and Corporate Communications. Our team works closely with you every step of the way to create media that elevates your brand, saves you time and money and produces results for your business.

Established in 1998, QUE Productions is dedicated to developing media solutions that exceed client expectations. We approach every project big or small with the same level of commitment to excellence. We are a diverse creative team driven by a passion to create authentic, story-driven content and offer a versatile array of cameras, specialty lenses, full lighting/grip and audio equipment as well as outstanding post-production and finishing services.

In short, we provide the finest production value available for marketing & communications managers, ad agencies and businesses. Our commitment to excellence is evident in all of our projects regardless of size.

read more › QUE Productions is NY Video Production Company blending unique creative solutions with the latest industry technology and expert crew to produce powerful video content that achieves results for our clients. We specialize in TV commercial production, digital video advertising and corporate video production services. Our team of writers, designers, artists and filmmakers work with precision and excellence to deliver extraordinary production value and consistant results to our clients. We work with businesses large and small to target your customer and reach them wherever they are.

read more › QUE provides expert video production services for all forms of corporate communications from concept to completion. We strive to elevate our clients by producing premium video content no matter how big or small the budget. Our team works diligently to uncover the ideal approach for your program, providing exceptional creative services and solid production value from start to finish. We work side by side with you throughout all phases of program development to ensure you get the results you need on time and on budget.

read more › Every business has a unique story to tell so it's easy to see why web videos are effective in informing customers about your products and services quickly and easily. QUE Productions works in partnership with businesses to develop videos that inform, educate, motivate and inspire. In addition to Facebook, YouTube and Instagram, businesses of all shapes and sizes are benefiting from social media marketing platforms. Digital Ads are cost effective, accessible 24/7 and offer sophisticated tools to target audiences and geographical areas.

read more › With its ability to reach huge audiences, television is one of the most powerful advertising mediums in the world. QUE Productions has produced hundreds of commercials for local, regional & national clients. We work in partnership with our clients to develop ideas that make a memorable impression, then write, design, shoot, edit, animate and transform those ideas into a beautiful finished product for branding your company or advertising products or services. Our family of artists, copywriters and filmmakers work diligently to position your company in a unique way while following a proven process to save you time and money.

read more › With the proliferation of streaming services like Netflix, Hulu and Disney +, the New York Production scene is booming as the demand for original content is fueled by New York City and State tax incentives. QUE Productions offers an array of options for both scripted and non-scripted content producers. You will not find a more experienced, resourceful or professional crew. With an range of cinema-style cameras, meticulously maintained and outfitted with primes, matching multi-cam's if needed for consistency and style or single 4K++ high-speed for amazing effects in-camera are all available to you.

read more › Branding is a highly creative process that combines strategy, design, messaging, storytelling and marketing into one exciting process. Good branding positions you in front of your customer, defines your product/services and core values, then ELEVATES your company through media production. QUE Productions is a creative team with the ability to think differently, listen carefully, and provide exceptional creative from start to finish. We design and produce logos, slogans, marketing strategies, websites and content that elevates our clients and their brands.

read more › The real estate market exists, boom or bust. People are always buying homes or looking for commercial property. The climate is perfect for a virtual tour because it can be shared online and easily reach customers in your target area. Real Estate videos help realtors and property managers effectively advertise to people seeking real estate of every kind.

read more › According to the Harvard Business School, videos are the most frequently used medium for training in organizations of 100 or more people. Training and orientation of new employees, especially in a company with high turnover, can be expensive and time consuming. Incorporating video into the training process make it more effective because it's provides clear, concise information in an entertaining way which they can review if needed. It's also more efficient for everyone involved. Many successful companies have chosen to work with us because we go the extra mile to develop effective training programs.

read more › QUE Productions is a dedicated media partner that listens closely, develops creatively and has the experience to produce an exceptional product on time and budget. We encourage you to review our process below, then give us a call to discuss your project. The first step in producing video of any kind is to analyze and discover. For example: what are your goals and objectives for this project and WHY do you need video? Who is your target audience and what do we know about their behavior or buying habits?

read more › PROBLEM: Family Health Centers needed to produce a video celebrating our 10 year anniversary to be presented to a live audience at our Gala. This required a creative approach to design and develop a storyline that covered the many aspects of health services we provide and the people who make a difference. It was important that we recognize the progress we've made and our many accomplishments but figuring out how to do so, who to interview and how to film them in the middle of a busy environment was challenging.

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