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Approach: Use of font, color, logo, slogans, jingles and more to tell your customers how they should think about you. You talk, they read, view and listen. Approach: This is the new PR where we use video, animation and social media to talk about how you feel related to things that your customers think are important. Application: Anything digital where you can engage your customers and they can give you feedback.

All new and improving all the time. Results: Highly measurable from all perspectives of the customer journey and sales funnel. GCAi Digital PR technology puts you and your stories right in front of your customers almost instantaneously. Remember the Emperor's New Clothes? They were invisible and that's what you are on the Internet and Social Media without video.

We can build you a campaign that not only gets you results, but we can track every penny of your marketing spend.

read more › GCAi (Garvey Communication Associates Inc.) provides the most innovative digital marketing services available to give our clients a competitive advantage based on one thing: results. The road to results starts with our planning process which is the meeting place between client sales key performance objectives and digital marketing opportunities. Each aspect of the digital customer journey is considered in our planning - from top of funnel awareness to conversion. That level of campaign planning, assessment, implementation and, eventually, comprehensive reporting and analysis, makes our approach unique in and of itself.

read more › GCAi has provided John with the opportunity to work with professionally with his daughter Quinn and son James. He recovered from a C grade in the Fortran computer programming language as a student at Marquette University to become a hardware installer and software programmer at Westfield State College as a first job. Everything he touched since that time has had a technical orientation. John's Public Relations roots are strong too. He held his first press conference in 1980 as the coordinator for the United States Youth games, a summer job.

read more › Darcy knows a good story and, better yet for her clients, she is experienced at telling them. Storytelling is a skill that she has worked on for the greater part of her life. She started out early producing news packages for her university's student-run news broadcast. Those skills gained her a production assistant, field producer, and assignment desk editor position for ABC and Fox News affiliates. There, she where she sifted through hundreds of stories every day to help determine what would be on-air news.

read more › James and GCAi's video producer Darcy Young creating a digital campaign asset in a grocer client's produce section. Rather than selling air on the internet, James has learned through training and experience to build incredibly powerful digital marketing campaigns for a variety of clients. First, James works with his clients to distill the specific KPIs (key performance metrics) that will determine - from their perspective - success. Next, he focuses the GCAi creative team on developing the right asset or assets - video, animation, and copy - for the specific digital platforms he intends to go-to-market on.

read more › You have to be good to develop compelling stories when it is rarely that cold. Not-so-good things happen at low temps - equipment malfunctions, people being interviewed stop talking and your feet get really, really cold. Mary Cate Mannion was so good at it though, that she won a Broadcaster's Award for her work and was nominated for two Emmys. Her reporting career took her through a variety of climates, cities, and stories. After leaving the Midwest, she spent time in the Holyoke-Springfield DMA working as an Anchor/Reporter for an ABC News affiliate before leaving for Portland, Maine for a similar position for an ABC News affiliate there.

read more › If you are only concerned about what is important from your perspective, then you want a branding agency. If you want to connect with your customers about how you feel in regards to what is important to them, then you are in the right place. You can still talk about your good news - you think it is important. The catch is it has to be relevant to them too, because if it's not, in a digital world you will not succeed. Sure, it sounds complicated, because it is so much easier to just tell people what and how to think, right?

read more › They were invisible and that's what you are on the Internet and social media without video. Because Google likes video and if you have video, your site will search better. Plus, think about this. If you are using static images on your website and in your social media, you are using a technology that dates back to the mid-1800s. If a picture is worth a thousand words, then video is worth like eleventy-billion words. Think about that! Mind blowing, right? Traveling all over New England, GCAi shoots and produces over 100 videos and animations every year.

read more › Every client wants them and that's a reasonable objective. In fact, it's the age-old question for every business: "How do I know that my advertising is working?" We know, because we create and launch digital marketing campaigns for our clients with specific and agreed upon KPIs (key performance indicators). And then, because it's digital marketing, we can measure the results and report upon success including incredibly deep analysis regarding your customer's journey to your door or an online conversion.

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