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PhotoFlight Aerial Media has been using traditional aircraft to offer premium aerial photography services for over two decades. At the early onset of the UAS industry, we adopted UAS/drone technology to expand our product portfolio and list of partners and clients benefiting from our knowledge of the UAS tech. We are proud of our heritage and our ability to continue evolving with UAS technology, our markets, and the industry.

Our mission is to grow our company by providing high quality and value drone services to clients and partners in various industries, and continue to be one of the leaders and trusted voices of the UAS industry. We continue to learn, explore, and push the boundaries of what's possible, because we understand that what was exceptional yesterday may be great today, but would not be enough tomorrow.

In 2016, PhotoFlight Aerial Media has merged with two well established drone service providers to create one of the largest UAS companies in the US. This has proven to be a winning strategy, as it allows us to provide our partners with more specialized services, cost efficient UAS solutions, expand into new markets, and successfully navigate the ever evolving legal and regulatory environment surrounding drones.

read more › We Specialize in two operator professional drone cinematography and video services, delivering stunning video impossible or prohibitively expensive to capture by traditional methods - helicopter, crane, dolly, cable-cam, or "Russian arm". From majestic aerial drone videos to fast, low and close-up tracking of fast moving subjects, our two operator drone teams have the expertise, experience, and passion to deliver the shots you need. We fly RED and other cinematic cameras!. Our drone aerial videography services allow you to capture professional stabilized footage from a unique point-of-view in full HD quality including HD, 4K, 5.2K and 8K options.

read more › At PhotoFlight Aerial Media, we offer professional aerial drone photography services - from visually attractive drone marketing photographs, to large scale panoramic murals and other drone photography projects, we provide the highest quality drone art photography with impeccable attention to quality and detail. We also specialize in twilight and night drone photography, and drone time-lapse and hyperlapse photography. Drone photography allows us to capture images from angles and perspectives not possible with a traditional camera set-up.

read more › Let our team help yours unleash the full potential of drone tech, a true differentiator in our media-rich world: We offer professional LIVE drone broadcast services to news media organizations. With our turnkey commercial-grade live broadcast drone solutions, we take care of the equipment reinvestment and maintenance, drone operator selection and training, legal compliance and mission planning, so that you can focus on your core business-being the first to bring breaking news to your viewers in a visually attractive and impactful way only drone videography can provide.

read more › Capturing the action at a race, concert, festival or other large-scale events can be challenging. Photographs and video taken with traditional cameras may only catch limited parts of the action, and standard solutions for aerial photography can be difficult and too expensive to use for events. Drone photography used during events provide your audience a spectacular view of the action, capturing the true scale of your event. Photoflight Aerial Media's team of drone camera operators is ready to provide you with the best professional aerial drone photography and video production services for your event.

read more › Access and Perspective offered by Drones make them a perfect tool for safe and cost-efficient structural inspections. Our Thermal camera drones feature fully stabilized Flir and regular camera, giving you live side-by-side feed of both the regular and thermal image. Inspect/Repair/Replace decision making made Easy! Construction site progress monitoring and documentation made easy by timely and relevant aerial drone camera drone imagery. High resolution aerial maps with correct perspective, putting you in control of geographic data generation.

read more › Make your listings stand out from your competitors and get better return on your marketing investment. We listen to your ideas and use our creativity, experience, and expertise to deliver professional grade, appealing real estate marketing content. Capture more potential buyers, investors and tenants, including long-distance and international. First Impression is everything and appealing content is the key to leaving a great one. Our real estate drone photography and video services are focused on helping you effectively market the property, location and lifestyle.

read more › PhotoFlight Aerial Media offers Drone Operator Classes for first responders and public workers. Our FAA Part 107 Remote Pilot Class prepares drone operators for FAA Part 107 Remote Pilot Test and Re-Certification. Our Remote Pilot - Drone Operator Classes are designed for first responders, municipal, county, and state government employees. Please inquire for details. Structured two day course designed to prepare students for FAA Part 107 Remote Pilot Certification or required two year Re-certification.

read more › PhotoFlight Aerial Media is your go-to provider for drone video services. Our team of talented experts is available to make it possible whether you need drone videography to sell commercial property or want to invest in entertainment through comprehensive drone videos. Using the very best equipment and top-notch, highly skilled professionals, we can create exceptional results using all of our aerial video services. Plan your drone events with us, whether that be sports shows or city-wide programs.

read more › Every Project is Different - We Maintain an Extensive in-house Professional Drone Camera Equipment Inventory, so that We Can Offer You the Right Tool for Your Project. From Cinema to Web, We Have You Covered!. Photoflight team works with a variety of in-house drone camera equipment to provide the right tool for every project and budget. We work with you to develop a good understanding of your project and vision, and then suggest a drone kit and team that can deliver the results you desire. As drone photography and video professionals, we take many factors into consideration when helping you choose the right drone equipment:.

read more › PhotoFlight Aerial Media Drone Coverage of the Spectacular Philadelphia Eagles 2018 Super Bowl Victory Parade. Photoflight Aerial Media, is Proud to be the Only Professional Drone Service Provider with Authorization to Provide Drone Coverage of Eagles 2018 Super Bowl Victory Parade in Philadelphia. PhotoFlight Aerial Media, one of the largest US drone service providers with worldwide coverage, specializing in two operator close-proximity cinematic drone camera work and Live News and. Enjoy Drone Cinematography at its Best in this Cinema Action Drone Video Reel by Photoflight Aerial Media.

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