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Eagle Video Productions We are Eagle Video Productions, Inc in Raleigh, North Carolina. We are customer-oriented and story-driven. We take on your project with enthusiasm that is unstoppable and perseverance that is unmatched in our industry. Before we write your branding script, scout your shoot location or unleash our HD or 4K camera crews, we do our homework. That means we understand your expectations, study your business, know your target audience, recognize your intended message and distinguish your underlying messages.

On time and on budget - every time!. I want to thank you for helping us to produce the "Taking the Mystery out of Pork Production" video series. We could not be more pleased with, or proud of, the final product. It is receiving great reviews from the thousands of viewers who have seen it. I personally believe this series will go a long way towards changing the negative perceptions some people have about modern pork production.

Bruce Wittman and Eagle Video Production created what has turned out to be an award-winning tour DVD for our company.

Eagle Video Productions, Inc. was incorporated in January of 1991. It was founded in Raleigh, North Carolina by award-winning producer, editor and cameraman Bruce Wittman. Since then, Eagle Video has garnered many regional, national and international awards for its marketing videos, training programs and streaming web clips. Eagle Video specializes

After more than 25 years behind the camera, Bruce Wittman, owner and executive producer with Eagle Video Productions, finally gets in front of the camera to explain who we are. He begins this video with the story behind the name, Eagle Video. We work extremely hard to maximize our client budgets by offering an award-winning product that is actually

For over 25 years, Eagle Video Productions, with headquarters in Raleigh, NC, has provided award-winning services to our Fortune 500 clients and small NC businesses. In order to make an effective video, with a return on your investment, we work very hard to match the kind of video you need to address your defining issue.

Facility Tours are an opportunity to observe construction, special projects, and/or operations at sites within your company properties. Once your video is complete, it can be used to educate your potential clients about the quality and breadth of your manufacturing facility without creating any downtime. It can also be used as an employee education

A great customer testimonial is one of the most powerful trust signals you can use in your marketing videos. Saying something nice about your company will be better received by your viewers when a loyal and honest customer talks rather than your paid narrator. A great customer testimonial can speak volumes about your business. Customer testimonials

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