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Since 1946, Ace-Federal has been trusted by law firms and federal agencies for the very best in court reporting, legal videography, realtime transcription and litigation support services. Our reporting professionals are highly experienced in managing complex legal proceedings within the United States and abroad. Dedicated to customer satisfaction, we have never failed to provide a court reporter scheduled through our office.

So whether your deposition is in Washington, Seoul, or anywhere in between, you can rest assured knowing Ace-Federal will provide you with every needed resource-- just as we have done for over seventy years.

read more › Ace-Federal Reporters, Inc. is proud to be a GSA Contract Holder (GS-02F141AA). We have an extensive history of service to government agencies spanning the past 70 years, which has allowed us to gain a unique understanding of government needs. Those who qualify for use of the GSA schedule can find our court reporting rates online via If you have any specific questions about our government services, please call 202-347-3700 and we will be happy to assist.

read more › Ace-Federal's realtime court reporting service allows you to read a live written transcript of your hearing or deposition while it is taking place. It all begins with one of our highly skilled reporters, whose keystrokes are transmitted directly to your computer via live stream as testimony is given. These reporting professionals have earned Certified Realtime Reporter (CRR) accreditation from the National Court Reporters Association and are able to produce accurate, readable drafts before you leave the room.

read more › Since its earliest days in Washington, D.C., Ace-Federal has catered to the sensitive needs of both private law firms and government agencies. We are uniquely equipped to provide reporting professionals with security clearances for classified legal proceedings. Our various reporting technologies are fully compliant with today's encryption and security standards to ensure that the contents of your hearing are protected. We kindly ask that all special requests for classified reporting be directed to Duane Rice at

read more › Ace-Federal can produce transcripts quickly and securely in any format. We safeguard all client transcripts and exhibits within our database for up to three years, allowing us to supply documents upon request within 24 hours. Each Ace-Federal client is also provided with their own encrypted online document repository. It offers safe, convenient access to your most important transcripts and exhibits 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

read more › For superior customer service, we designate one Ace-Federal case administrator to each client to schedule assignments, track deliveries, generate daily status lists, and respond to client inquiries and invoicing. Our case administrators telephone clients 24 hours before each scheduled proceeding to confirm all information including location, start time, delivery requirements and other special services. This arrangement is a core feature of our "total approach" to court reporting, which prioritizes speed, accuracy, and an unwavering dedication to our clients.

read more › Our staff of CVLS-certified and highly qualified legal videographers provides seamless proceeding services including MPEG-1 digital video, transcript in-sync and hard-copy DVDs. Time-stamped transcripts correspond to time-coded digitized videotape, which allows you to locate any portion of a deposition within seconds. All of our video production and duplication is performed in-house for the highest quality control standard and cost savings.

read more › Encrypted, live online testimony increasingly meets client needs for complex court reporting and long-distance depositions. We set up the right software to match client hardware for viewing these depositions in realtime. Our cutting-edge expertise includes specialized uplinks, system configurations and multiple transmissions so that each member of your legal team is apprised of what's happening in the proceeding-- no matter how far away they are.

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