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We're the resource for all of your organization's audio-visual production needs. We serve as your AV department, handling everything from planning and procurement to project execution. Producing conferences and meetings from beginning to end, MeetricsVideo is dedicated to delivering quality results and ensuring seamless, high-impact event experiences.

MeetricsVideo is a one-stop production solution for high-impact video for your Web site, events and presentations.

MeetricsVideo will produce your event from beginning to end.planning an AV set-up and flow that achieves your business objectives; procuring equipment and labor to generate impactful programs and the best possible savings; creating video and graphic elements that increase the professionalism of events; and making sure it all comes together successfully

MeetricsVideo has a proven track record in planning, shooting, editing and encoding any type of Web video: interviews, profiles, event highlights, features, promotional pieces, and we produce high-caliber Webcasts - live and simulated. MeetricsVideo works with our clients to make sure that video projects achieve desired results and deliver positive

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