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Whether we're helping an organization to powerfully capture and communicate their story, nurturing a vision from a concept to a strategy to a final deliverable, or shaping and guiding creative messaging- our clients seek us out to breathe visual life into complex concepts and ideas. As a trusted, local, full service Seattle video production company- we can't wait to partner with you on your next creative video project!

read more › Playfish Media LLC was founded in 2011 by producer/director Jillian Suleski and editor Nick Nelson. Suleski and Nelson were film school classmates and both had extensive experience working freelance in the production industry. They are committed to the creative process and devoted to achieving excellence in video production. Playfish Media was founded with the aim to provide simple, honest-to-goodness superior client care, incredible creativity, and a no-holds barred attitude about getting it done right.

read more › While it is certainly all about the finished product, Playfish Media understands the importance of getting there successfully. We believe creative collaboration is at the heart of every successful project. This belief shapes our approach of creating effective and powerful videos. We know our clients are experts in their industry and that they know their story best. We work to nurture that vision. Our role is concurrently trusted creative partner and experienced technical architect. Our work is justified by its performance, including not only emotional impact, visual experience, and engagement rate, but also process enjoyment.

read more › Nestled between Puget Sound and the Cascade mountain range, Seattle serves as the ideal home for Playfish Media. With a population of roughly 700,000, Seattle boasts all the attractions of any major city while also providing easy access to the beautiful Pacific Northwest outdoors. On a given day, one might spend the morning kayaking off the shores of Golden Gardens beach, and catch a show in the evening at the Paramount Theater downtown. Being located at the intersection of nature and urban life, Seattle is anything but boring.

read more › Seattle Country Day School was established in 1964. Every year they hold an auction as a fundraiser and "friendraiser" that gathers community members together to benefit students of the school. Playfish Media was honored to be a part of 2016's Oh! The Places You'll Go! auction. Approximately 400 members of the community came together to raise $450K for financial aid, innovative programs, and a brand new bus. Andrea Sanders, the School's Director of Advancement, answered a few questions about their experience working with Playfish Media.

read more › Effective communication is essential for the operation and success of any business. Every message your business sends needs to be engaging and powerful in order to capture a viewer's attention. That's our specialty at Playfish Media. We produce high-quality corporate videos that are creative, engaging, and memorable in bringing your message to life. While we wish there were a simple answer, we need all of the relevant details about your project in order to provide a meaningful quote. We offer all our clients a free consultation to discuss their project requirements.

read more › We know your organization has astonishing stories to tell, and we want to help you tell them. After all, a compelling story can be the single most effective tool in engaging the community and advancing the mission for a non-profit organization. A powerful story can appeal to the emotions, call to potential donors, connect with new supporters, and inspire volunteers to action. And while there are many ways to tell your story, nothing else will put a face on your story, bring your mission to life, and communicate with your audience like a video.

read more › It's what draws us in, speaks to our soul, and keeps our eyes glued to the flickering images on the screen. And that story, the one unfolding before us, is being interpreted by each of us with our own set of unique stories and experiences - it's trying to reach deep within us to find a place to resonate, and when it does, it is within this communication that we feel the magic and connectivity of film. We are masters at on-location, real-story interviewing. Our process is designed to capture authentic stories that are visceral and honest, and we are skilled at making anyone that sits in front of our lens feel at ease and comfortable, so they can tell their story.

read more › We want to make your commercial vision a reality! Our commercial projects team will manage every aspect of a commercial production, from concept to completion. We tailor each client's message to attract their target audience by being both persuasive and entertaining. When you work with Playfish Media, you'll be collaborating with a specialized team of experienced and talented creative artists, all striving towards a goal of making your commercial stand apart from the competition. Our job is to make every step of the production process effective, seamless and fun!

read more › Great live event video documentation takes a deep understanding of what really matters to you. Our creative and talented team is devoted to taking ownership of your vision, in-order-to properly showcase your next live event. We encapsulate your live event in video for your audience to enjoy and relive. Our live event services offer you the potential to raise awareness for your cause, heighten your social media presence, promote and advertise your company, and connect with your current and future audiences.

read more › If you would like us to provide you with a quote, talk about your current or upcoming project, have questions or need additional information - we're here to help you realize your creative vision. Pricing for videos is never one size fits all, but we can give you some ballparks right away to get your planning started.

read more › We are a Seattle-based, full service video production company that provides complete script-to-screen video for any business, commercial, nonprofit, or documentary. We are so excited to be able to offer a scholarship to prospective film and video production students! Applicant must be a full-time student attending an accredited university or community college in the United States for the 2021-2022 school year. Applicant must be pursuing an undergraduate or graduate degree in a film or video production-related field.

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