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At Sparkworks Media, we know that your video production project needs to fit into and enhance your overall marketing and communication strategy - and we know how to make sure that it does. Our team knows how to tell a compelling story - to get attention - and make people think differently. Clients partner with us as their 'in-house but down-the-street' production team because our people are collaborative and care about your success.

We work hard to establish trust and clear direction, focusing on an incredible video experience, delivered strategically on multiple platforms. A compelling message that impacts your viewers must take in to account your bottom line. At Sparkworks, we know how to craft an authentic story, a strong brand message, and engaging content that emotionally and mentally impacts your audience.

All without the usual budget 'cringe'. Why does client retention matter? It's proof that we take care of our clients. We put a strong emphasis on trust and working in the best interests for your project.

Whether you are a company or a non-profit, a start-up or a Fortune 100 firm, there's something that sets you apart. Sparkworks Media is a Seattle video production company helping marketing and communication teams spark change and action through narratives, documentaries, and brand films. Filming on location or in a studio, we'll work with your team

Of course you care about seeing our portfolio, but it also matters who you'll be working with. The team at Sparkworks is passionate about the storytelling medium of video production and animation. We care if the video we produce is successful for you. And we want you to consider us part of your team - just down the street. Sparkworks rose from a Seattle

At Sparkworks, we believe that every project should have the potential to live beyond just a single video we create for you. As we develop a creative strategy for your project, we strive to ensure it has campaign-level potential, so that you can leverage the final product in multiple ways. One story, multiple mediums, multiple opportunities to reach

Why? Animated videos can explain processes quickly, are far easier to update than a live action video and can often convey conceptual ideas better. We've helped some of the largest companies in the world teach, persuade, explain and inspire with animated videos. Sparkworks has helped some of the largest US employers explain the nuances of HSAs HRAs

Sparkworks produces compelling and photorealistic 3D product animation videos and renderings that turn heads. We've helped launch products for some of the top names in the medical, healthcare, technology, industrial and scientific fields. Whether your product is ready for prime time or still in development, an animated 3D product video can in many cases

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