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Media Smith Capturing your most anticipated moments ranging from wedding photography to the beloved family portrait. We create high-valued and thought provoking videos ranging from ads played on social media apps, car advertisements, documentaries, films, and wedding highlight reels. Coming from the hills of Kentucky and ending up in New York City, he touches on the themes of loneliness, homelessness, a life-threatening illness that could possibly end his career, and the loss of the love of his life and musical partner, Tina.

We are proud to say this is our first film available on a major distributor - Amazon Prime Video. At MediaSmith LLC, we ensure that all of our videographers on hand are professionally trained in videography which means experience handling gimbals, camera equipment, lighting, audio, and more. We do all of our editing in-house meaning that not only are we the ones at the event capturing your moments, but we are also the ones responsible for crafting it into the final product you will receive.

read more › If you look at this website and you see anything written in first person, that's from my very own perspective! MediaSmith LLC is a photography and videography content creation team that is based out of Goodyear, AZ. For those of you not familiar with the towns, you can essentially call us photographers and videographers based out of Phoenix, AZ the same way that "Orange County" is essentially Los Angeles. Before making my way to Arizona State University, I took classes at Estrella Mountain Community College and attained three Associates Degrees in Business through them.

read more › Customer testimonials are extremely important to us. We aim to compile a video of the clients we serve that helps prove that we are who we say we are and that we provide the quality that others expect us to deliver. However, if a video testimonial cannot be given, then we write a recap of the event in our eyes. We also pull quotes from my clients to write something about that day. With that said, I hope you find value in us through the way I have recapped the events. Photographing and getting video of this wedding at the Hilton Garden Inn Phoenix/Avondale was spectacular.

read more › We plan your event with you - whether it's your first event or 100th, we'll work with you every step of the way. Over 50+ events covered ranging from: weddings, anniversaries, corporate events, cars, music shows, and business ads. Fast edits, quick responses, and reasonable prices on photography and videography in the Phoenix area. Let us know what your event or need is and we will work on creating a package that suits your needs. Since all of our projects are unique, we spend most of our time crafting a package that meets your needs both price-wise and content-wise.

read more › MediaSmith LLC had the pleasure to be invited to the Southwest Chamber of Commerce's "The Swaggies" event from 2015 to 2017. The event is held to award West Valley businesses for their contribution to the economy in Goodyear, Buckeye, Tolleson, and Avondale. The night starts off with guests looming around tables full of items that they can bid for. Dinner is served, games are hosted, and an auctioneer comes out to auction off even more items. After all the dessert and awards are served, everyone gets to go home knowing that they have made a positive contribution to the West Valley.

read more › It's been quite a while since my graduation, but I can still recall the feeling of finally being able to step out into the real world. I could have spent all my money on a flight and lived somewhere else for the rest of my life. But that's the shoes I have to place myself in when I take prom photos, senior portraits, or portraits for people graduating from university. Once a month, usually on the last Sunday of the month, Waddell's Longhorn Corral holds an event where bands come out and play music while people eat food and dance.

read more › I love driving and I love the technology within cars as they've progressed through the years. This client contacted me through our Squarespace website and wanted to get high quality pictures of his car so that he could sell it on Craigslist or through other sites similar to Craigslist. When we started this shoot, the light had just started to go down, so the beginning pictures aren't as crisp as the ones that I have decided to showcase. We waited another ten to twenty minutes to get the right lighting and our patience shows off in the pictures.

read more › On top of that, it is such a convenient location if you're looking for a central place to meet in Goodyear, AZ. Family portrait pictures taken for the Meece family near the Estrella Star Tower located in Goodyear, AZ. If you're looking for a photographer based in Goodyear, AZ to take pictures of your family portrait, don't leave it to someone who isn't good with crowds or people. If you're looking for a portrait photographer for your senior high school pictures in Goodyear, AZ, then look no further than MediaSmith LLC.

read more › MediaSmith LLC has had the pleasure of being The Kiva Club's photographers and videographers for their monthly events. Although our primary function is to do a photo booth for the guests, we upped our services - for no extra charge - so that we could provide the best quality we could to The Kiva Club. The night starts with the guests arriving and taking pictures as they walk through the door. After the dinner, dessert is served while guests can get up and dance to the songs the DJ is playing. If you are at all interested in a similar monthly service, please do not hesitate to contact us by clicking this box below!

read more › Here's just a taste of the wedding photography that we did at St. Joan of Arc Catholic Church in Phoenix, AZ! A classmate of mine from ASU texted me one day and asked me if I wanted to photograph her mom and dad's wedding. I always need to help out my friends because I want to assure them that they get the best photo quality they can possibly get! This wedding was in late April, so although the weather was a bit nice in the morning, you could really start to feel the heat during midday. Luckily, we were able to get into the air conditioned church and commence the ceremony as soon as possible.

read more › These photos were taken at the annual Asian Festival that is held at the Scottsdale Civic Park. I repeatedly mention in my blogs and my posts here that street photography is one of my favorite types of photography. It is one of my favorite types of photography because it allows me to just roam around casually and take the photos I want. During weddings or corporate events, you have to be on your feet because the minute you rest, you'll probably miss a huge moment.

read more › The client (Kimberly) for this job picked up one of my cards when I was doing photo booths at The Kiva Club at Trilogy in Vistancia. So, the folks, who were absolutely kind, handed me the key to the golf cart and sent me on my way. With my two DSLRs in hand and not a load of confidence in driving such a perilous cart, I had set on my way. I had no clue what I was doing, but I drove all around the course getting the best photos I could get. Eventually, I made way to where Kent Chase, professional golfer, was and took photos of him and his entourage.

read more › I started taking photos back in 2011 and my first prom photo shoot was in 2012, but it was very "friend who has a DSLR" vibe. He let me know about his prom coming up and we scheduled a time to meet out in Surprise to take these photos. It can create a hard shadow on your subjects, but if you get the angles right, you can eliminate those shadows. And by low expectations, I mean I don't have to be crawling on the ground to get the right angles or hanging from tree branches to shoot top-down on my subjects.

read more › I think this event is a great time for people to really get to know the Hawaiian people through how we look at ourselves. As far as photography goes, I love going to this event and getting photos every year because the crowds are getting bigger and bigger (despite the weather getting hotter and hotter). I don't photograph these events like I would normally photograph a wedding or a corporate event. However, at an event like this, I do silly things like high ISOs, over exposures, severe under exposure, ridiculous shutter speeds, and more!

read more › MediaSmith LLC was proud to do the wedding photography and wedding videography for our close friends, Jake and Stephan. The wedding was originally supposed to be outside, but due to light showers that day, we were asked to move inside a room inside the hotel. While rain would usually put a damper on the entire day, it was quite soothing especially at the end of the night when we could hear the light sound of rain hitting the glass on the doors. It was so immense that my team and I had gotten lost and didn't know where to go to meet everyone.

read more › Photos booths have been gaining popularity over the years and are a great way to take professional pictures or to showcase how fun your event was. At MediaSmith LLC, we are proud to give our clients the best photo booth experience that we can provide. This means utilizing industry leading flashes, lights, lenses, and camera equipment for your booth. PHOTO BOOTH FOR THE '70s disco themed party AT THE kiva CLUB AT VISTANCIA LOCATED IN Peoria, AZ.

read more › It's important to have a professional headshot that makes you standout from other competitors. Studio shots are something we do not offer in any of our packages. We prefer to use natural lighting, but we also have professional lighting and reflectors in case we need to use them. The One Look Package is the quickest way to get your professional headshot. We have drafted the One Look Package to ensure that the photoshoot is quick, the post-production time isn't long, and the turnaround on the photos are quick as well.

read more › All of our Anniversary Photography packages were tailor-made with each client's needs in mind. The Recollection Package is perfect for those who need to have their event covered as soon as possible. The Memory Package is a preferred package provided to our clients that have requested photography services from us. The main difference between the Memory Package and the Recollection Package is that you would have MediaSmith at your event for both the ceremony and the reception rather than just one or the other.

read more › Before the photo shoot begins, MediaSmith and The Client will do a full walkaround of the car. Just like a rental car company like Enterprise, our concerns about the damage to a car are limited to things that are bigger than the size of a US dollar. Any damages to the car will be addressed by the photographer on-site before the session begins. After an inspection has been assessed, The Client will sign a waiver acknowledging that a walkaround has been completed. All photo shoots are covered with a Gopro mounted on the DSLR that begins to film at the time of the car inspection to the photographer declaring the shoot is complete.

read more › A Philippine debut is the celebration of a woman turning 18 - the age of maturity in the Philippines. For those who aren't familiar with the term "debut", a debut is essentially similar to that of a Sweet Sixteen or a Quinceaera. The Primus Package is the perfect package for those who are looking to hire someone to cover their daughter's debut (or their own debut) as soon as possible. The Grand Package is the perfect package for those who are looking to combine full event coverage with photography and a small event recap with a video.

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