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Ambient Skies is a creative collective of filmmakers, brand loyalists and marketers. We specialize in content creation and connecting our client's audience with the realness of experience. Established in 2006, over the last 15 years our studio has produced over 1,000 hours of award winning creative content including live action, stills & animation.

We tell stories for both agencies and direct client partners. We want to nurture your vision like a baby, no matter how big or small that vision is. We want to cradle it, show it love, plan for its future, strive for its success day and night. Trust is hard to come by these days. That's why Ambient goes the extra mile to be a dependable resource for any agency, production company, studio, network or brand in need of professional execution.

Whether you need help with pre production, production services, crew, gear or post, our trusted resources allow us to pull off large scale executions in a competitive fast turn around environment. The physical manifestation of a vision requires all of the right moving parts operating cohesively under one umbrella.

read more › Ambient Skies isn't just another studio, we're a collective of adventurous filmmakers who seek to shine a light on the heart of every story we tell. Founded in 2007, the creative energy we emanate is ever growing and it's with that energy that we craft authentic content for a wide array of clients across the globe. Clients from all walks of life that have their own special story to tell. Ambient Skies fosters a culture of like minded, adventurous and passionate creatives. Our diverse backgrounds come together on every project which enables us to provide valued perspective.

read more › Starting off on the right foot is everything. If the foundation is faulty, that once great idea will crumble. That's why we want to nurture your vision like a baby, no matter how big or small that vision is. We want to cradle it, show it love, plan for its future, strive for its success day and night. Trust is hard to come by these days. That's why Ambient makes an extra effort to be a dependable resource for any production in need of professional execution. From pre-visualization during pre production, to capturing amazing content during production, to using the right specialty op that will conquer risk just to capture a stunning visual for you, to post production magic, we got it covered!

read more › We've empowered businesses to connect with their audience and achieve real growth for over 13 years. The team at Ambient Skies killed our shoot with the new Bronco Sport! We had a blast working with them in Sedona and the video was a big success for Ford at Sema 2021! We've been working with the team at Ambient for years on several projects and they never disappoint. Their craftsmanship towards content creation is top notch, and we will continue working with them on many more future projects. Ambient Skies is an elite production agency that develops and produces blue chip creative for world-class brands.

read more › The Canadian native started and ended his career in his homeland, but made a few stops in between during his career. One of those stops included his five year run with the Phoenix Coyotes where he was a valuable asset to the team and a force to be reckoned with. More than skills on the ice, Biznasty won over his fans with his outrageous personality off the ice where he is surprisingly outgoing when compared to most humble pie hockey players. Retiring from hockey in 2017, Biznasty enjoys his life in sunny Arizona where he is the color analyst for the Arizona Coyotes radio and a host on the Barstool Sports hockey podcast Spitten' Chiclets.

read more › The producers over at the Agency Imagination were in need of a professional production team in AZ to execute a 2 day documentary production for Ford's new Bronco and turned around in time to premiere at SEMA's Auto Nights virtual car show. After vetting multiple production companies, our rates and our experience with documentary work was a direct fit for their needs and they felt that they were in good hands with us and our team. Not to mention, our deep knowledge of Arizona's picturesque outdoor landscapes played a part as well.

read more › Solar power is an ever growing source of energy, especially in places like the southwest where it's commonplace to see solar panels on your neighbors house or atop of covered parking lots or corporate buildings. The world needs more sustainable forms of energy production and we at Ambient are proponents of sustainability. Solar power makes room for a cleaner and more united planet. Developing that ideal catchphrase isn't just about being clever, it's about speaking to your audience on their level and just being real.

read more › Since the 1980's, Thor industries has been the go-to brand for RV goers all over America. To this day, they continue to build innovative and luxurious RV's, holding firm their place in the upper echelons of the industry. Recently they've continued a campaign that follows the stories behind the family's that traded their life in suburbia for a more adventurous life on the road. THOR and the agency Road Trippers were looking to follow the "Parents Unleashed" couple, Robin and Warren Baxter to the desert to see how they spend their time in Arizona for a few months out of the year.

read more › Champion and Exposure Agency shopped around production companies in Arizona to help them with a campaign that was focused around two sponsored runners Jessica Tonn and Freddie L Crittenden III. Two commercial deliverables were needed for the campaign launch and they entrusted Ambient to execute the production for them. After numerous negotiations, Champion flew out Director Bobby Goulding from the UK, who teamed up with Ambient's crew during pre-production to further develop the creative details.

read more › Product launches can be a stressful time, but not with Ambient Skies. After shopping RFPs' around and searching for the right candidates to collaborate with for the 2020 launch of their newest product, Tether Tools decided to roll with Ambient and embark on a two month process of creative development to showcase the "Air Direct". In addition to social vignettes and instructional videos, we executed a successful two day production capturing content for a flagship commercial featuring professional photographer Drew Gurian & Modfire's Brandon Williams.

read more › Ambient Skies produces realness of experience that creates unforgettable moments in automotive advertisements and events, that captive your target audience. We Create Powerfully "Defining" Brand Moments by Achieving Realness Of Experience in Automotive Marketing. At the heart of all advertising is the desire to connect with the customer's desire to achieve happiness in their lives. To do this, you have to establish trust between buyer and seller. You want them to know their needs will be met to the fullest extent, and once they have achieved that, they'll be happy.

read more › For the last 15 years, Ambient Skies has empowered Healthcare companies to connect with their audience, and achieve real growth, through authentic storytelling that connects on an emotional level. Ambient Skies has collaborated with credible marketing and creative directors across the Healthcare industry. From bringing awareness to the masses about important issues to providing vehicles that nurture your company's audience with authentic case study content, we have found that humanity sells healthcare.

read more › We collaborate with brands and directly with sports organizations to source the right athlete with the right image to tell inspirational stories that connect with their fans and fuel growth. Have you thought about the right image for your brand? We take a custom approach to sourcing the right talent for our partners. With 15 years of experience working with professional athletes of all sports, our directors know how to "get on their level" and produce an environment for them to perform to the best of their abilities.

read more › Ambient Skies will find what a consumer loves about your product and create branded content that engenders buyer curiosity for your product. We believe the humanity aspect is everything and the product always portrays a lifestyle worth capturing with an "Evergreen" approach. Is your product in need of a worthy presentation when it comes to media? Ambient creates stunning content that provokes, entertains, and encourages watchers of any demographic you choose to pick up what you're putting down.

read more › We help software brands find their "human" voice so they can articulate their company's mission, using storytelling to connect with their consumers on a deeper level and ultimately achieve growth. Are you a software company looking to bridge the gap between your brand and the people who benefit from buying in? We can create that killer content that you've been looking for. By finding the common ground between the people behind the product and those in need, we're able to create compelling art that serves a purpose and stays true to its message.

read more › Ambient Skies provides local partnerships in select industries for SW based clients by becoming an extension of their marketing team and focusing on branded content. Storytelling is the best way to generate trust and interest in your business with potential customers and relate to them on a level deeper than just the services or products you offer. When you share your company's story, you'll find out that more people want to be a part of it. A custom video will set you apart so that you can stand out amongst the rest.

read more › Pushing forward unprepared is never a good idea. At Ambient, we believe it's the strategy that goes into bringing a creative idea to life that sets your content apart. It's all about a solidified starting point, a clear trajectory, and a desired destination. The game plan is everything. You must clearly define how your team plans on executing that path to successful content. Have you really taken the time to think of who your audience is, what they want to feel and how they are moved by storytelling?

read more › With a combined 30 years of producer experience, Ambient Skies delivers what we like to call tier one level execution services by offering production resources that are tailored to each individual project. When it comes to strict execution projects, seven times out of ten we're working with a creative that was the manifestation of someone else's vision. It could be an agency, production company, studio, network, local, national, or international brand, it doesn't matter. They all need the same thing.

read more › Tell your story with motion pictures and connect with your audience on a deeper level. Interpretation is more focused and the atmosphere you can create is unmatched when conjuring the power of live action content. This is where honesty takes center stage and authenticity becomes the premiere creative ingredient. A picture really does speak a thousand words when you put the right effort into the story being told. Every shot tells a story whether intended or not, so let's throw in the right intention when conceptualization takes place.

read more › In today's world, content is king! The brands, companies and organizations that tell their story the best stand out from the rest. From core messaging to the visuals and engagement, audiences demand to feel something. Watch this short reel that showcases some of our recent favorite projects and how we transform artistry into emotion. One of the first steps in realizing their vision for a brand launch video was to meet with them and discuss their goals and expectations, and to get an in-depth understanding of their brand.

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