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Miguel A. Tarango is a multidisciplinary artist and educator. He has published articles about Precolumbian architecture, participated in and organized film festivals, made social media films and documentary shorts, and founded a successful computer consultation business in Denver. He has mentored various interns, taught film theory and digital editing at two universities, and is currently an adjunct instructor in a digital filmmaking program.

Miguel currently resides in Redlands, California, with his wife Gina and two cats, Vladymir Garcia and Foucault.

read more › Businesses are now leveraging the ubiquity of the internet and the proliferation of smart phones and tablets. They can use the power of video to create business profiles and to help tell their story. We at Gato Feliz Media understand the importance of connecting with the client in a thoughtful and meaningful way. Gato Feliz Media has found that working with businesses to tell their stories is a rewarding venture and one we are whole heartedly embracing. We have created packages that are similar to our videography rates to help our clients better understand the billing process.

read more › Let us capture your event: weddings, quinceaeras, bar/bat mitzvahs, parties, business gatherings, interviews, or any special day. Editing: 9-13 hours of editing, custom simple titles (beginning, end, custom inter-titles), and custom music editing (up to 6 tracks provided by client). More intensive or lengthy projects will be charged with an additional hourly rate at our discretion. Extra shooter(s) are also available for an additional fee. Music is provided by client. Ask about other video services such as slideshows, video conversions, editing, sound design, and more.

read more › Contact us today to make a video for your social event. These videos can be placed on your social media platform of choice: YouTube, Vimeo, Yelp, Facebook, Twitter, personal or business website, etc. Contact us today to learn more about these projects. This was a video we made for the Inland Empire Latino Book & Family Festival. There were Latino authors on site and lots of great workshops and events. We enjoyed all the entertainment and had some street style tacos for lunch!

read more › We weren't all born with the knowledge of Steve Jobs, and maybe you don't want to bother your kids for help with that new iPhone, iPad, or Mac. We're here to help properly set up your Mac and iOS devices, troubleshoot problems, and provide technical assistance. We also offer training! Whether you're shooting video, editing photos, syncing calendars, or organizing your iTunes library, let us guide you. We can accommodate both individuals and groups. If you want to learn more about a particular piece of software like iPhoto, iMovie, or Final Cut Pro, let us know and we can help you.

read more › Hello, this is Miguel. Over the years, I have watched many "how-to" videos to accomplish a technical feat or to learn how to facilitate a repair. While I was still at The MacSpa, my business partner Amy and I produced a video that showed us reviewing products. I continued making videos including several that featured the artists we showed at our space where they could talk about their process and influences. I shot and edited support videos for some of our friends who ran film festivals as well as promos for any of our future events for workshops or appearances.

read more › Gato Feliz Media here. As the primary maker at Gato Feliz Media, I wanted to take a few minutes to talk about Citrus View Dental. I was introduced to Eric Mee by a mutual associate who felt we shared a mutual sensibility. I had just moved into the office building here at 5 East Citrus Avenue, and had converted the space at 205 into my editing studio. I added a table for training/workshopping and hung art on my walls from working with artists at my previous business and also some dark room photography that I had made from my days working on a Graduate Studio Art degree.

read more › A few years ago, I had never "lived" with a cat. Now, I co-habit with two of these unique creatures. Growing up, my family and I never had cats. In fact, my family was mostly hostile to the idea of caring for a cat. We had cared for and lived with many types of animals over the years ranging from iguanas, turtles, chameleons, cockatiels, hamsters, snakes, fish (both freshwater and salt), dogs, anoles, etc., but never a cat. I grew into adulthood and adopted a pug by way of a good friend. This was my first adult animal caregiving experience, meaning, this animal and I were now co-dependent roommates.

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