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Black Bunny Media is a one-stop shop for video production and social media marketing. From feature filmmaking to corporate videography, product photography to real estate marketing, commercial writing to documentaries, we have you covered. Since 2010 we've been expanding our portfolio and working with new clients, loving what we do and sharing the creative process with everyone we can.

Black Bunny Media has relationships with reputable rental houses in addition to owning certain pieces of work-a-day gear. Our crews have experience with the most camera systems from DSLRs to Red and Canon Cinema.

Our writers, directors and producers have worked on projects from Titanic and The Fifth Element to commercial spots for Lexus and Jeep to over 500 small business marketing videos, 40+ cinematic book trailers, 200 author profiles, countless interviews, higher education marketing videos and documentaries, even reality television.Our Emmy and Telly award-winning editors work with multicam timelines on a regular basis and utilize Premiere Pro and FCP X and are currently branching out into DaVinci.

read more › Black Bunny Media provides a wide range of video production services from full studio sets to green screen presentations to product demos to action adventure cinema. We work with local crews on a sliding scale to match the budget you have and to create the product you need or want. The first thing we do when a potential client contacts us about producing a video is ask a series of questions: What is your video about? Who is your video's audience? When do you expect the video to be completed? These questions are just to start our conversation.

read more › In today's environment, many events, from large-scale conferences and conventions to small presentations are just not feasible. But with today's technology, there are ways to create a virtual event that your audience can experience conveniently from their own locations. Do you need to raise funds? Do you need to produce a virtual meeting? Do you need to connect with co-workers, board members or interact with public or private audiences of 5 people, 50 people, 50,000 people? Live streaming is rapidly becoming the new way to run business meetings, conventions, panels, Q&As, public performances, presentations, the list goes on.

read more › Report on cost per engagement, impressions and engagement rates as well as insights gained that may inform wider marketing initiatives. Determine monthly priority goals, audiences and initiatives for Facebook (and/or other platforms) ad activity. Our Marketing process is very simple, we start with an initial questionnaire from our marketing expert. We will then create a strategic ad campaign which will run for a minimum of 3 months. We are experts in content creation and can guide you through our video production process.

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