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With the proliferation of smartphones and Stories, who needs professional production, strategic marketing or masterful storytelling anymore? If you're in the business of selling yourself, your product, your Kickstarter campaign or your services, then you can't just rely on smartphone-ography and homemade production quality.

MarketME is a San Francisco Bay Area video production company that produces the highest quality videos for products, Kickstarter campaigns, live streams, motion graphics and more to help you achieve your marketing goals.The quality of our production starts with your message-we take your idea (or product or campaign) and merge creative storytelling with the magic of video design to bring your ideas to life.

We also use the best equipment; work with a highly-experienced and professional team; and we are attentive and responsive to what you need-pre-production, during production and post-production, too! MarketME Video Production helps merge creative video design and effective marketing strategies to help you reach the right audience and achieve your business goals-every time.

read more › MarketME video production and photography services provide you with beautifully designed, uniquely you works of art crafted specifically to connect with your target audience. From a creative team obsessed with all things camera and story, you can be sure that each shot and every frame are meticulously constructed. Customer satisfaction is at the center of our model and we always provide professional quality results. We offer a range of services at MarketME, all designed to help you tell your story in a way that best resonates with the people you're trying to reach.

read more › Our video portfolio gives you just a glimpse into some of the incredible work we've done-if we do say so ourselves-for some really incredible companies. Over the last 15 years, MarketME Video has created product videos for Google, Go Pro and Ricoh, amongst others-and we have produced Kickstarter videos that have raised over $500,000 (surpassing our clients' fundraising goals!). We have also volunteered our time and resources to produce videos for organizations whose mission we support, such as DREAMer's Roadmap and Acknowledge Alliance.

read more › By its literal definition, videography is the work of capturing moving pictures. At MarketME Video Production, our work goes beyond that-our videos don't just capture your moving images; they help you tell your story. With videography services ranging from product videos to corporate video production to live stream production, we realize that solely capturing words or pictures or products on film (even with our top-of-the-line equipment) isn't going to cut it. Whether you're selling a product or you're selling yourself, you still have to make a connection with the viewer.

read more › From product shots to store launches to real estate properties and more, 360-degree drone photography, aerial videography and VR (virtual reality) production create the most engaging, interactive experience for your customers. In other words, if you're selling something you should be showing off, 360 video is the way to do it. 360 video gives your customers the full picture, offering a captivating video experience that truly connects with them, because they not only see what you can do or what you can offer-they experience it for themselves.

read more › All of these components are important pieces of the fundraising puzzle, no doubt-but the short films that accompany every Kickstarter are. These short films are what connects your audience to your idea, your vision and your creation. Your Kickstarter video is what inspires someone, makes them smile and motivates them to contribute to your campaign. And we offer the crowdfunding video production services you need to create and present a truly compelling story on video. In their "Creator Handbook", Kickstarter highlights video as an important tool for telling your story: "Make a compelling video.

read more › It's not hard to come by photography services in San Francisco-however, what is hard to come by is 20 years of talent; professionalism and creative experience, all in one. In addition, as video production services company, we also take photos. Not just any photos, of course-the artistic eye, flair for storytelling and professional expertise we bring to every video we produce? That talent goes into our photos, too. We understand that each photo isn't just a pretty picture; for our clients, these photos are selling a story.

read more › MarketME offers businesses full service social media marketing. Our social media team knows that a strong online profile is one of the best ways to engage with potential customers. Our social media services coupled with your marketing videos are designed to convert followers into paying clients. Our experts will create a customized program based on your business that goes out to your followers. Effective use of social media is one of the best ways to generate exposure online. Businesses, both big and small are using these online platforms to connect, interact and sell to their followers.

read more › At MarketME, we film product launch videos, commercials, video testimonials, corporate explainer videos, Kickstarter videos-really anything to fulfill your video production needs. We have accommodated everything from macro product photography to a full-size car on our set-and we will happily accommodate and facilitate whatever your project needs, too. While our studio started as the home base for all of our videography and photography projects, it has grown to be a valued resource for creatives throughout the Bay Area.

read more › With 15 years experience providing successful video production and photography services to individuals and businesses throughout the Bay Area, we're confident we can provide the same exceptional results for you. But video production is a big (albeit extremely valuable) investment and we get that, too. This information will give us greater insight into your work, your message and your vision for your video or photo project. And it will help us make the best use of your time once we get on the phone to chat!

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