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Argus HD Video Production You're looking for top tier video production. We're here to help. We love working with clients who are committed to succeed; to have the best; to change the game. Our work strives to inspire & engage. Look around, browse to discover why we make an awesome partner. Is Argus an event technology company, a video production company, or a 3D/VR/super duper algorithm machine?

The truth is - we're simply a passionate group of professionals that believes in a science-based approach to our equipment and a humanitarian approach to communicating your message. And how do we achieve this? Argus HD has worked with businesses of all sizes, in all locations. If your event is a one-time in a remote location or a traveling road show, we offer beginning-to-end seamless production services.

Whether it was Mark Zuckerberg's first live web streaming F8 conference, or YouTube's first live web streaming concert, our founder was there, working side-by-side with the smartest minds in the business while the technology was developing all around us.

read more › Argus HD Productions was started because we saw a better way of running a business. Before founding Argus, we worked as technicans in the field & consistanly saw clients paying top dollar yet receiving sub-par equipment & underwhelming productions simply because they didn't know better. We're here to change this. Our mission is to provide our clients with an exceptional production experience utilizing the latest technologys. Here's how we LOVE changing the game. Around 2010, we witnessed the possibilities of digital AV live-streaming.

read more › Whether you require event photography, relaxed corporate headshots or dynamic photography shoots, our award-winning photographers are here for you. From virtual sets, to live chroma keying, we can film interviews to live broadcast with our studio! Trust the team that manges millions of subscribes and has over 10,000,000 viewer hours on Youtube! Argus HD is trusted by top Fortune 100 companies to broadcast internal, intranet meetings. We'd love to share and say more, but we can't. Drones, gimbals, sliders & timelapses are just some of the tools we deploy for show stopping videos.

read more › If pictures say a 1000 words, then we better make them count. Lets face it, our customers are distracted. You have mere seconds to engage them before they move on and it's those critacal moments where we excel. Our corporate video productions are engauging, artifully produced works that allow you to tell your story within the medium of video production. Argus HD knows how to tell a passionate story. We listen to WHOM you want to deliver your story to. We then advise, based on our experience and proven trends, the best way to bring to life your vision.

read more › The hotel's perfect, the grand ballroom meets your expectations, your attendees will love your venue choice. At this point, the venue manager will offer audio/video services from their "exclusive in-house A/V company." This is where you say NO THANKS! Why? We'll explain below and this quick read can save you big bucks! Argus HD provides full Audio/Video services for your event, including high-quality sound systems, lights, and projection, all installed and operated by a trained, knowledgeable, and friendly staff.

read more › And we have it. Whether your event is large or intimate, Argus HD can put it out for all the world to see, or just a select few. We can interface with dozens of platforms - including YouTube, Facebook, Twitter (Periscope), amongst many others - and help you reach your chosen audience. Argus HD is an innovator when it comes to Live Streaming, from custom-built Social Media Solutions, to streaming from anywhere and everywhere. Here are a few of the services we offer:. Top Companies trust Argus for their Live Streaming needs because we have a proven and distinguished track record.

read more › Virtually, of course!. Let's be honest, Zoom and platforms like this are great for basic webinars. The problem is that every meeting now looks the same. When you partner with Argus HD, we transform your virtual event. We make the event unique to your brand & message, not to the platform where it's one size fits all. With our end-to-end pipeline services, you can continue to engage with your clients and community, remotely and globally. Conferences, Webinars, Keynote Addresses, All-Hands Meetings, product launches, concerts or any live event you want to host, Argus HD has the technical and creative teams to cover your virtual event.

read more › The San Jose McEnery Convention Center is a world-class venue located in the heart of San Jose that hosts some of the top conferences in the world. You're there to grow your business and discover new clients. It's our job to keep your focus there! If you haven't dealt with the San Jose Convention Center before, it can seem imposing, from the 100 + page contract to the cost of doing business within the center. All work within the San Jose Convention Center, from unloading a truck to setting up and operating a camera must be done by a union technician.

read more › Capturing the peak moment is a learned skilled that our event photographers have learned and refinded photographing some of the biggest corporate events and product releases. It was a pleasure working with you. I really appreciate your patience with our system and also for tuning in on what we wanted the video to look like. You (Argus) nailed it!

read more › When our clients needed to film within a San Francisco studio, all of our sources were either nothing more than a cheap green screen in a noisy room or an excessively and unnecessary large studio resulting in an overpriced rental. Our clients deserve better and we found the solution. We have answered your call by building a professional & powerful mini-studio. You can now harness our powerful studio without paying for space you don't use! To handle the unique requirements of a SAN FRANCISCO SOUND - PRODUCTION STUDIO, we have created our sister company, SAN FRANCISCO GREEN SCREEN STUDIO to be your perfect one-stop solution for all your studio requirements.

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