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OMS Photo Video production isn't new to OMS, but the way we're approaching it is. After years of still photography, we are putting our full weight behind Jake Anderson. From tabletop productions to corporate videos, Jake is a natural with a video camera. Giving him the reigns has led to a rapid expansion of our video technology and capabilities. Behind the curtain, our digital team supports him at every step, making each project remarkable to witness.

Reach out to our producers and observe the magic unfold. The power of photography and video is its ability to tell stories and messages instantly. When creative professionals ask commercial photographers and directors to execute their ideas, the focus is on aligning with the brand while maintaining an artistic edge. The team at OMS Photo in Cincinnati OH, Denver CO, and Orlando FL works alongside creatives, from big executives down to one person operations.

From national campaigns to fast-paced editorial needs, we are happy to scale to meet our clients.

read more › Our reclaimed firehouse studio space has a 99-year head start on OMS. Formed in 1989 OMS has been a leading imaging and production company that offers a full range of image-based creative services- photography, digital editing, motion, animation, photo-illustration, and more. The marriage between efficient process and firm aesthetics is at the heart of our business and the central core value that drives our every decision. Since our founding, OMS led the industry into the digital age, yet through all the growth and evolution one thing has remained constant: the illuminating and on-target imagery we create for top agencies, corporations, and institutional accounts.

read more › Experience taste before the first bite. Great food photography can deliver the engagement every business craves. When executed properly, photography quickly builds confidence with your brand while customers are making a choice. Capturing the appetizing nature of foods requires thoughtful consideration of the subject, choosing the right food stylist, managing the production, and the right photographer. It can be difficult to verbalize your vision, but OMS Photo is here to help with everything. We shoot all types of food photography including baked good, breakfast, lunch & dinner, dessert, chocolate, raw food, and drinks.

read more › Sweet and delicious chocolate has a complete experience where the eye is unable to see everything. From taste and smell to texture chocolate is a multi-level sensory experience. To portray that experience in a single image requires an excellent photographer with a unique understanding of food styling. Unlike other food, this coca-based treat doesn't glisten with glory out of the box. It's a delicate substance prone to blemishes and melting. Whether it's dark, milk, or white chocolate, it needs to handled with care.

read more › Animating the inanimate requires a mindset focused on details. At the end of the day, a product's advertising story is told in images. Placing the product in the viewer's mind as attainable, tangible, and desirable is the core of a photographer's mission. By focusing on unique details, a good photographer can elevate any item to look its best. Upon studying the product and working with the team who is marketing it, we get a feel for what needs to be emphasized and how to best achieve that. Proper lighting and perspective work together to bring life to a product.

read more › Professionally shot Ecommerce photography is a sound investment for any company. Experienced photographers are knowledgeable in the techniques for capturing your product's unique features, helping connect customers with key information that helps drive sales. Our team knows how to bring your products to life and create high-quality photographs that highlight your product's features from every angle. OMS has over 30 years of experience working with well-established brands like P&G, Starbucks, ESPN, providing professional photo sets showcasing their products for digital sales.

read more › Cannabis, CBD, and MMJ brands are in one of the fastest-growing market places in the US. As the industry is becoming more saturated with dispensaries, specialized products, and online stores, now is the right time to take your cannabis marketing efforts to a whole new level. Having professional, well-executed photography gives your brand the ability to look legit. Your plants, pipes, concentrates, or edibles need photos that grab your customer's attention and keep it. For most of the people in this industry, this is your passion.

read more › Great drink photography captures the indefinable qualities of liquids and the lifestyle around them. Similar to food photography, drink photography can incorporate food stylists, mixologists, and more to create a final image. What places beverages and liquids in their category is the mesmerizing effects of excellent lighting. When every vibrant color, bubble, condensation effect, or swirl is dramatically lit, the drink is elevated to new heights. Photographing the multi-faceted nature of liquids requires thoughtful consideration of the vessel, appropriate drinkware, the right mixologist or stylist, a well-planned production, and a skilled photographer.

read more › When advertisers use authentic people in their photography it cultivates a deeper identity. Working with amazing models or real people, it takes a collaborative workflow to execute this kind of photography. The key is focusing on discovering the right moments where expressions and composition align. We photograph everything including lifestyle, athlete, beauty, fashion, and portraits. Whether it's a lifestyle shoot or a portrait, being organized is the way to make it happen. It's easy to get bogged down by questions like: Will I look good enough?

read more › In an online world, your personal brand is everything. Conveying professionalism and confidence is vital for building relationships in today's digital landscape. If you're looking to make a strong impact with customers or clients, a professional portrait can help you make quality, long-lasting impressions. At a time when image equals relevancy, our experienced photographers know how to encapsulate the best features of your personality. Friendly and personable, our team makes sure your portrait conveys charm, confidence, and grace that reflects authenticity and professionalism.

read more › Whether it's a doctors office, hospital, or someone using medical products, a story is unfolding. Lives are changing, and even new life is beginning. It's up to creatives and photographers who can work together to capture these moments and products. Working with professionals who understand how to work in healthcare environments with real people and models can ensure marketing dollars have actual results. What sets most healthcare photography apart from the other work OMS creates is the environment.

read more › Download a free copy of our beautiful zine introducing all of our photographers, directors, retouchers, and admin team. Professional photographs help highlight the skillful craftsmanship that sets your products apart to compete. Even in challenging environments, experienced photographers are thoroughly equipped. With industry-leading techniques, they know how to highlight your product's engineering excellence while creating a captivating and innovative story. With decades of experience producing industrial content, the expert team at OMS knows how to optimize your digital catalog with precision and creativity.

read more › Whatever makes your heart pound. Excellent adventure photography pulls the viewer into the moment. When executed correctly, these photographs create a connection with your audience and lets them feel something real. Capturing the vibrant nature of adventurers and sportsman doing what they love requires thoughtful consideration of the environment, subject matter, and the right photographer. It can be challenging to verbalize a vision on this scale, but an experienced photographer will help you define your idea.

read more › Photos are what architects can use to let the world understand their talent. Images have the power to immediately validate their work for all to see. Whether you're focused on exteriors or interiors, architectural photography focuses on capturing design features balanced with the atmospheres of the space. Our photographers have an exceptional understanding of compositions, lighting conditions, vertical and horizontal sight lines, and identifying architectural features. When we set out to capture a building, we know there are often years of designs and careful decisions that go into every visual element.

read more › Videos are a fantastic endeavor. Directors, videographers, editors, and more need to gather a wide range of ideas nestled in conversations, sketches, scribbled notes, and brand identities. Handling a successful production requires a clear vision for the finished product from beginning to end - and that vision is what we bring to every project. Camera movements are one of the most significant obstacles to capturing a precise video. Using a robot eases creative constraints and lets us focus on the visuals.

read more › Drones change the game when it comes to aerial videos and photography. Now unique angles and vantage points are within grasp for everyone outside Hollywood. With drones and their lightweight approach, they open up a world of possibilities. An excellent drone operator can do everything from fly level with cars and people, to flying high above the world. Operators can even fly through indoor facilities. Adding drones to your next video shoots will elevate the final product giving you a cinematic edge.

read more › Creating a professional video requires undivided attention and thorough planning. Every milestone, from ideation to the final cut, utilizes a meticulous eye for detail to bring your vision to life. Experienced creative architects will sculpt multiple artistic pieces and assemble them into an engaging and captivating finished product that amplifies your brand. Turning a video into a polished, finished product takes time, skill, and patience. In the industry, video editing requires close to 10 hours of labor for every minute of final video output.

read more › We know we are privileged to take high-quality photos for a living. Everything we've accomplished is a validation of our skills, creativity, and personalities. When we can give that feeling to others, it feels electric. We employ seven full-time professional photographers, all with a wide range of expertise, while each one has a sweet spot they relish. We have experience in food, product, lifestyle, e-commerce, editorial, social media, people, fashion, beauty, cosmetics, healthcare; virtually every commercial photography category and application has been shot by our team.

read more › Let's say you're looking for someone with exceptional creative vision paired with acute attention to detail and awareness for post-capture capabilities. Monty is all of that and more. He brings the exact same level of dedication and professionalism to every job, whether it's a pro-bono portrait or an ad campaign for a top global brand. After 30 years of doing CPG, he's expanded into the outdoor space too. And on a personal note, around the studio, he's Papa Bear. We couldn't imagine this place without him.

read more › If we had to pick one word to sum up TJ's presence both on and off of set it would be unflappable. His ability to calmly take in any situation yet remain fully in charge is second to none. Partner that cool composure with the magic tricks he performs with light and lens, and TJ Vissing is the complete package. Just don't ask him to go on location. Over the years TJ has explored the world and created stunning photographs. From Banff to Boliva, check out his travel and nature gallery by visiting his new website.

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