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Jacob LE Video Production We're a video production and marketing company that's determined to help 1,000 companies tell their story, reach their goals, and find the success they deserve. Would you want to visit a doctor who's tells everyone they see they need their appendix out?. But sadly, that's what so many video production companies do. They focus on pushing their product without taking the time to understand their customers challenges, diagnosing their problem, and recommending the best solution.

Your online efforts should help you reach your goals and solve your problems. They should also compliment and energize what your business is doing that's already working. In 2015, I was noticing so many companies that were struggling to tell their story, connect with their audience, and promote themselves online. So, I decided to create a company centered around helping business succeed.

Video is a powerful tool, but it's just a tool. We make research, strategy, and distribution a part of each project. Because we need to know what our customers want to achieve, before we can help get them there.

read more › Creative, effective marketing strategy and video production for companies in the Denver/Metro area. High-quality videos are crucial for demoing new products, and creating ads that create new customers and clients. Businesses that do not leverage video effectively are missing out on an enormous opportunity for growth and increased sales. Jacob did a fantastic job of creating a video that truly encapsulates my love of Denver real estate, as well as me as a person. He made it very easy to be comfortable in front of the camera, articulate my message and be authentic.

read more › When I got my start, I ALWAYS required a script. However, when working with people who aren't actors, I began to realize for some people a script can make their video worse? It's key that the person speaking appears genuine, relaxed, and like they're speaking from the heart. This can be accomplished with a 60 minute planning session on the day of followed by an interview. However, I make the process so much easier. Over time, we work to simply have a genuine conversation and forget the camera exists.

read more › We created in-depth, free articles on social media marketing, video marketing, & online promotion on the blog. Or take a look at our free video courses. Or sign up to view our course on overall video marketing strategy that will give you a competitive edge. Finally, we have free video marketing infographics and resources for you to use on social and on your blogs. Free in-depth articles on growing your business with video. It demonstrates ways you can increase your sales and your total customers by building your online presence and creating videos.

read more › Do you want to know the tools techniques and strategies that helped me line up 6 customers and which helped one of clients triple their Instagram engagement (Likes, comments, and follows)? This free course has several strategies and secrets you can use to get more results out of your Instagram efforts. You'll get the best results by watching them in order, but feel free to jump to a certain video if you're trying to deal with a specific challenge. If you have a video that's on your computer that you want to post, you'll need to transfer it to your phone first.

read more › This Facebook marketing course will teach you how to set up your Facebook Business page properly, how to reach more clients and customers, and run effective Facebook Ads. You'll get the best results by watching them in order, but feel free to jump to a certain video if you're trying to deal with a specific challenge. Organic reach refers to the number of people that your posts reach without you needing to boost or run ads for your post. Organic reached has dropped considerably in recent years.

read more › Do you want to shoot professional, incredible videos on your phone? Learn everything you need to know, including lighting, audio, appearing on camera, transferring to computer, editing for free, and uploading to YouTube, Facebook, and Instagram. Implement the secrets and strategies you can start implementing today. You'll get the best results by watching the videos in order, but feel free to jump to a certain video if you're trying to deal with a specific challenge. How to export your finished file (that's ready to be uploaded to Facebook, YouTube or Instagram).

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