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Fine art photography & videography for couples that value art, love nature, and want a custom shooting experience that reflects their true personality. My name is Branson and I am a destination wedding photographer and videographer based in Salt Lake City, Utah. I have traveled to over 65 countries photographing and filming weddings in all corners of the globe.

Utah is my home where I specialize in using its beautiful nature into every shot I can. I thrive in incorporating trees, flowers, and foliage into my shots to create something truly beautiful. I have been featured on over 48 major national wedding magazines and blogs showcasing my work. I also teach photography and videography to other creatives and am known for my bright, airy, romantic style.

My wedding videos are full of bright and rich colors masterly crafted to tell the story of the couple. Every single frame is beautiful and detailed. I cried (not joking I teared up) looking at my wedding photos for the first time. Me and my husband were gasping and screaming over how incredible EVERY SINGLE PHOTO turned out and how good Branson made us look.

read more › I am a destination wedding videographer & photographer based in the beautiful and mountainous state of Utah. I LOVE WHAT I DO SO SO MUCH. I live and breathe photography & videography, whether it is teaching a course to other creatives or shooting an elopement. I find that nature is influential to my work. Finding the perfect wildflower field to frame your engagement session or capturing a bright sun beam shinning through a tree during your wedding IS MY THING. I thrive in capturing love on this beautiful earth.

read more › The thing that sets me apart from the rest is I am extremely knowledgeable when it comes to weddings and I KNOW EXACTLY how to get you the photos and/or videos you have always dreamed of despite difficult lighting, large family, or a chaotic schedule. I have shot in so many different situations that I feel super confident in providing you with the very best imagery no matter what. I ALSO CARE A TON about how your wedding day goes and how I can make it easier for you. I go out of my way to give you the best advice and tips and tricks to help your wedding day run smoothly.

read more › My photography & videography is elegant, light filled, & nature inspired. I take pride in giving my clients back extremely high quality images and videos with crisp detail and pure colors. I am an experienced Utah wedding photographer for both traditional and temple weddings. All of my sessions come with a beautiful online gallery, print release, and social share links because I know how important those all are to you. Prints (if you choose to invest in them) are delivered to your door and come ready to hang.

read more › You might know how to plan a wedding but do you know how a photographer would plan a wedding? What looks good in photos? What would really make your wedding video look amazing? What should you wear for your engagements? I am here to help with all the best wedding tips for photography and videography. 1. DON'T wear plaid, or clothing with lots of tiny patterns. Plaid doesn't look good on camera and small patterns can cause moire (weird, unintentional lines). If you coordinate your wedding colors into your outfits then your printed photos will match at the wedding.

read more › These professionals exceed in communication, professionalism, customer service, and quality product. Wedding planners will allow you to have a completely stress free experience. You don't have to worry about a single detail other than living in the moment and absorbing the beauty of your day. Your florals are what is going to make the content of your wedding look amazing, so working with a great florist is key. A reception arch, unique bouquet, and flower wall goes a long way in making one of a kind art.

read more › Want that inspiring, eye catching imagery that is found on Pintrest, famous wedding blogs, and bridal magazines? This is when visionary photography/videography is combined with a carefully curated design & content. By partnering with award winning florist, stylists, and industry leading wedding vendors you can have a dream stylized photography session at an all inclusive price. This sand dune session will be centered around capturing authentic and intimate moments between you and your fiance coupled with some of the most awe inspiring, vogue worthy images with a floral covered throne.

read more › I am an experienced photographer and videographer who has built a business that averages a net income of $190,000+ a year. I have experience shooting family photos, portraits, travel videos, wedding videos, and more. I WANT TO SHARE MY SECRETS WITH YOU and I am committed to taking your business to the next level. I am also an avid traveler and my success has taken me to over 65 countries, so I know how to plan an amazing trip jam-packed with activities, the best things to see, and experiences you will never forget.

read more › Learning from someone directly in your field can propel you further than any photography or videography college course ever could. Because I. Get. It. Let's skip all of the coursework and dive right into the good stuff of what really helps grow your business. All of my photography and videography mentorships below are designed to help you master different pieces of the business. Marketing is what scaled by bookings and my prices more than any other factor. Setting up ads, a funneling system, an email campaign, and getting bookings/sales is what I THRIVE in and know more than anyone else in the industry.

read more › Four powerful video editing filters (LUTS) that will streamline your editing work and give you an elegant, luxurious look. Each LUT originally sells for $55. Designed for the nature obsessed videographer. The Flora LUT brings out the richness in greens while also giving a beautiful and subtle warmth. Perfect for outdoor weddings, travel videos, and nature shots. My signature light and airy LUT. Created to work with every lighting situation (direct sun, shade, backlit, and artificial) to give a glowing and polished look.

read more › My Light & Airy preset's are powerful editing presets inspired by the pastel colors and glowing skin tones of fine art film. All three of my presets offer a light and airy look while sustaining brilliant color and depth. Tested on digital images across various camera bodies and lighting situations, these presets have consistently delivered the cleanest, fine art-like images with just a few simple clicks. Designed for any type of lighting situation using natural light including backlit, golden hour, window light, shade, and side lit.

read more › I am based out of Salt Lake City, Utah and available for travel worldwide. Most my weddings are either here in Utah or at a destination location (beach, national park, or resort) on the East or West coast. I will get the shots you need and do what it takes while being polite and bringing little attention to myself. I organize and execute shots efficiently and professionally. One benefit of booking with me is I don't charge per hour. Photography & videography is an art and I prefer to not be in a rush.

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