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Invica, LLC HD Mobile production van is a state of the art unit for Live Events, Sports, Concerts, TV shows, Parades and more. Equipped with 8 cameras, full graphics, replay, wireless camera packs, 22 foot Octagon JIB, Steadycam, IP KU Satellite dish, LiveU and Tereadek encoders. Whether its Broadcast TV or Live and On demand streaming we have 31 years of experience in multi-camera production work on a local, regional, national or international level.

read more › Invica LLC is a highly flexible and motivated production company that prides ourselves on not following our industry blindly. Innovative and efficient; we do on a budget what the big companies can't. We offer customers who would otherwise not be able to afford video services a good friendly life time partner and product with exceptional quality to suit all of their needs. With twenty 30 years of experience and numerous partners and fellow companies we are sure to find solution to fit your situation not matter what the case may be.

read more › Invica Entertainment brings the writers behind the biggest artist and hits from country music to the forefront. We recognize that 90% of what drives the music industry is the writers behind the stories that we all love and enjoy listening too. We've taking a page from music row in Nashville and bring the writers to you.

read more › The DJI Inspire 2 series drones were handcrafted with the Hollywood filmmaker in mind. They are powerful, agile, durable and packed with intelligent features that help ensure we capture the shot you want in the safest way possible. What makes DJI drones a powerful tool in film production is there unmatched 3-axis gimbal technology. No matter the shooting condition the camera will always stay perfectly oriented ready capture anything down below. What a drone can capture is limited to what camera it can fly.

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