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The right people, equipment, skills, and experience to ensure you'll get a compelling quality product that meets your goals. The professionalism and knowledge span is wide range. Videography, editing, voice overs, sound, equipment, he knows his stuff. Throttle Up has teamed with New Hope Church over the past few years and his expertise has taken us to the next level.

If you are looking for a company to meet and exceed your expectations- Throttle Up is the one!- you won't be disappointed. Throttle Up Media did a phenomenal job on the video compilation that he did for my wife's 60th birthday party. His work was over and beyond what I had anticipated, and we were both very blessed with the finished product. Just shot my Yelp vid for our restaurant.

The process was fun and Andrew made me very comfortable in front of the camera which I usually am not. Once he completed the video and sent it to us for edits or approvals we were so happy with it we immediately published with no edits. Thanks for a great job.

read more › Creating quality, engaging video content reliably can be challenging. Our editing can make the difference. You'll be amazed at how seamless and easy working with us is, and how many aspects of your project we can handle. During the pandemic, new production can be a challenge. That's why we're here to breathe new life into existing footage or to take videos that you have recorded yourselves and put them together in a polished, professional video.

read more › You're making a difference. We want to partner with you and share your story through quality video production. A video for your nonprofit can build awareness, advocate for your cause, educate, and create momentum for fundraising. We embrace giving back to our local and international community. We believe that using our skills to make a difference matters. That's why we choose to donate to, volunteer for, and produce video with numerous churches, religious organizations, and other non profits. We want to make a difference by helping you make a difference.

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