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From concepting to filming to color grading, Windsong Productions offers full creative services for your video production. We'll guide you and your project from start to finish, so nothing gets overlooked. That's kind of our unofficial motto at Windsong. From the moment an idea is born-pristine and perfect in the realm of unattainable imagination-there are external forces conspiring to make it all fall apart into a steaming pile of garbage.

It's our job to make sure that doesn't happen. How do we do that? By collaborating, arguing, and getting each other's advice. By constantly asking ourselves, "Is this the best it can be?" In short, we care. And we think it shows in our final product. It's true: Everything is fighting to be crap.

Windsong Productions is a creative team of directors, writers, producers, editors, colorists and animators - and we come to work with a purpose: tell great stories, and tell them well. Our team has more than 200 years of combined relevant experience, and it shows in our work as well as the partnerships established with our clients. Because it takes

We produce commercials, web content, TV shows, feature-length documentaries, music videos, and more. We pretty much do it all: concepting and creative development, large-scale productions, graphics and animation. You provide the inspiration, and we'll go all out to make your project awesome. Sometimes it's our team sitting in a room (or in front of

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