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Safehouse Studios Safehouse Studios helps your business meet the motion of your customers with content that moves. Meet Safehouse Studios, a video production company in Greensboro, NC specializing in high-end visual branding, corporate video production, commercials, and much more. Like our customers, we move across the US and Canada to provide your business with a creative vision that meets your budget and your future.

As a film and video production company, Safehouse Studios offers the right creative vision with the right attitude for any job. Safehouse Studios offers your business a host of production services, from pre-production to on-site filming to delivery. Our creative talents are not based on budget but based on your passion. Located in the center of North Carolina between Raleigh, Charlotte, and Winston Salem, Safehouse Studios is situated in downtown Greensboro.

Give us a call today and learn how we can help put your business in motion. Corporate communication videos are highly effective ways to express corporate values, team project results, new year's goals, and much more.

You want a professional video production company that understands your unique situation. If your project needs direction from strategy to implementation and delivery, Safehouse Studios can help walk your business or non-profit through the process seamlessly from beginning to end. No project is too big or small! We work on small 30-second video pieces

You want a final video product that equals the high quality of your video production. Safehouse Studios is a comprehensive video editing and video production company that sees your simple or complex project from start to finish. Our post-production team at Safehouse Studios works with your business on a clear vision of your final video project. We then

Safehouse Studios is proud to offer an array of video and film gear to meet any budget or project requirement. We can provide multi-camera, aerial video, and specialty shooting for your production. Our equipment list includes state of the art lighting as well as high tech software and accessories that can bring an innovative look to your film or video

Safehouse Studios is a full-service photo and North Carolina video production company that was started in 2000 by husband and wife team Jason and Emily Franco. Jason-the creative-and Emily-the linear one-blend their complementary skills to deliver high-quality video and photography services to companies in North Carolina and across the United States

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