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HoneyDew Films is an NC wedding videographer who believes in true, authentic relationships. Families and couples that aren't afraid to love without limits. You won't find staged moments in our videos, only real, carefully anticipated bits of life in action. Our wedding videography service is cherished among brides and grooms as it seeks to capture the truthfulness in your story.

Your film will become a family heirloom that will freeze this wonderful moment in time. Allowing family, friends, and little ones to come to witness a historical preservation of loved ones. These are a few words that describe our couples. They write their own vows, they cry openly, love freely and throw all caution to the wind. Our couples give us life and drive our passion for wedding videography.

As a wedding videographer, we really care, like really-really care. This is our commitment to you: we will cry with you, laugh with you and work together to tell your amazing, unique love story. We aren't interested in just turning on a camera.

read more › Our resident expert, Jeff is our most experienced member. He has obtained a degree in film and video production from UNCG and is constantly learning, growing, and experimenting with new tools. Two of the most coveted qualities of Jeff as a videographer are his ability to anticipate small, special wedding moments and his compassionate heart. With these unique attributes, Jeff is an integral part of our team and always leaves us blown away with his level of artistry and stunning timelapses. Having obtained her Masters in Counseling, Amanda is our relationship builder.

read more › If you are in search of quality wedding videography in Greensboro, look no further because we are #sogso. We have tons of experience all across this growing city that we call home. Sticking true to our roots, we cultivate essential, lasting relationships with Greensboro brides. This relationship enables us to have the unique ability to tell a meaningful story of your wedding day. This story encapsulates the love, joy, and reality that is you and your families. Our joy lies in the intense care and support we provide before, during, and after creating your film.

read more › Our videography team has been fortunate to capture numerous weddings in and around the Raleigh, NC area every year. As a Raleigh Wedding Videographer, we understand the need to capture your event perfectly. Being in the heart of North Carolina, Raleigh offers top-notch, convenient wedding venues that appeal to every style bride. It is the perfect location for your "I do's" and to share your special day with all of your loved ones. Having lived in North Carolina our entire lives, we have a special appreciation for this great state.

read more › Like a bestselling book, your wedding day should not only be kept to yourself. It is meant to be shared with the world. Your love story should not be kept in a treasure box, but rather it should be documented for everyone to see. Our Asheville wedding videographers know just how special it is to look back and relive those fond memories. And what makes your wedding day an unforgettable story: Sealing your love story with a kiss in the laidback town of Asheville, NC. With its untold stories and artistic beauty, Asheville, NC is the perfect place for your wedding day.

read more › As Charlotte Wedding Videographers, when we attend weddings and watch two lovely couples saying their 'I do's' and ending the ceremony with a sweet kiss, we always feel an overwhelming and tingling sensation that makes our heart flutter every single time. Just like any fairytale, you would not only want your love story to be narrated to your future children and grandchildren. But you would also want to have it documented as a stunning wedding video for you to look back and reminisce on the moments where it all started.

read more › This is your chance to live boldly, experience life fully, and love without reservations. If you believe you have a burning spirit, bursting to be released, we would love to chat with you. Our films are designed to capture the true essence of YOU. We can't wait to meet you and learn all about your wedding day, story, and what makes you unique as a couple trekking forward together in life! Hi, I'm and I am getting married! I found you guys via and you look awesome! Are you available on: Please contact me via or and I'll give you more details on our upcoming nuptials.

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