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We don't look at video production as brain surgery. We think it's much harder. We do our work in the field where our experienced staff recognizes when the talent needs another take, or when we need to wait that extra hour for the perfect light to make a shot magical. We do our work in the edit suite where precise color grading and finding the right music can make the difference between success and failure on a project.

We're a Florida-based video production company, but extend our reach beyond borders with national and international projects. With over 35 years of experience, we understand the process of taking a problem and finding a solution. It takes really good people, really good equipment and just the right attitude to make a good project great. Lucky for our clients, we've got all three.

This studio has accommodated live shows, national commercials, still photo shoots, infomercials, satellite media tours and car spots. Security and quick access make it an easy spot for South Florida's celebrities to pop by for a shoot.

Over the past 35 years, KO-MAR Productions has produced every kind of project conceivable. We've been all over the world and have worked with celebrity athletes, musicians and politicians. Each of these industries carries a special level of knowledge, exemplified by the companies that hire us over and over. Golf clients such the PGA and the Nicklaus

Technology is evolving at dizzying speeds. Not only are content, workflow, connectivity constantly shifting, the production world is also changing. KO-MAR not only understands the evolving tech environment we live in: we know how to thrive in this new world. We specialize in original storytelling for TV and digital platforms and we understand that every

In over 30 years, we've learned the best way to make video and film production a success: it's part preparation and part listening to the client. We've won our share of awards but honestly, awards don't mean beans to a client if their video doesn't work. Having a plan, combined with using talented people to handle some of the best equipment anywhere

In order for your story to resonate with your audience, you "gotta hit 'em in the feels." That's where our video post-production team comes in. Innovative creativity combined with extensive tools allow us to turn your message into an influential work of art designed to engage your audience in a memorable way. Systems include Avid, Adobe Premiere, Adobe

The Production Team at Ko-Mar has utilized aerial footage for close to 30 years. Recent advancements in the drone industry have enabled us to bring the same level of quality we've always achieved down to prices that can fit any budget. Our Drone Pilots are FAA Certified, insured, and have been flying remote aircraft for a combined 16 years. Our fleet

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