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Plum Productions Our 2020 compilation fits right in with our company culture: fun, high energy and, of course, eye popping visuals. We create awesome videos for a range of businesses and industries. When a realty team says they want something different and offer to take your crew on their boat, "YES!" is the only right answer. We traveled across the state to create a series of commercials for this Compass Agency.

This clip proves Plum Productions video marketing works! Watch, and we're sure you'll have a sudden craving for popcorn. Micro Pop is an innovative kitchen product by Epoca, and this video is featured alongside the product on retail sites like Amazon and Bed Bath and Beyond. If you have a beautiful auto dealership to showcase, Plum Productions can provide you with awesome footage.

Or, if you want a finished commercial, we can take it from here! When Boston-based Aqua Leisure needed marketing videos and photography in the dead of winter, they came to South Florida and teamed up with Plum Productions.

Whether you've been involved with professional video production before or you're new to this process, Plum Productions provides the support you need. From conceptualization to completion, Plum Productions uses an organized system to ensure nothing is overlooked. Since 2009, Plum Productions has provided premium services to South Florida organizations

Drone videography is transforming our industry, and Plum Productions is ahead of the curve. Drone (sometimes called aerial) videography takes your video to new heights with sweeping, theatrical movements to make your location look impressive. Our drone pilot is FAA licensed and a AOPA certified. We're also fully insured for drone use. Your successful

From conceptualization to completion, Plum Productions uses an organized process to ensure nothing is overlooked. Already have an idea? We'll work to make it happen. Need ideas? We're full of solutions. TwinLab is a giant in the supplement industry. They use video to promote their wide range of products and to define their corporate culture. They call

Fort Lauderdale is no exception. Whether we were hired by another production company or by the client directly, we've handled all kinds of video in and around Fort Lauderdale. Here are a few of our favorites. A Fort Lauderdale Law Firm wanted to shoot some short website videos for their newly created website. They told us they wanted to keep visitors

Plum Productions serves all of South Florida, including Miami, FL. One example is this video project where we helped an award winning Miami construction company show off their work in Pembroke Pines and the Miami area. Two projects, both very different with the same branding message: No matter what the project, we can handle it. The crew at each location

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