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CLAi We pride ourselves on partnering with our clients to create consistently outstanding film and video productions - together. Programs that motivate, entertain and drive viewers to action, whatever the project content, complexity or budget. Of course, everyone says this. Each claims to be the best production company around. In reality we are far from being the same.

Skill, experience, raw creative talent, the critical ability to listen and understand, equipment capabilities, and the quality of contract personnel varies as enormously as final budgets and client satisfaction. We view the business side of video production a little uniquely and we do things a little differently from the other guys - in a good way.

We choose to operate at the highest end of the production company spectrum in terms of quality and creativity but to remain affordable enough for the smallest startup or arts budget. At the end of the day, it doesn't matter what anyone says about their work, it's the final program that has to actually walk the walk - and how the client feels after it has been shown that talks the talk.

Film and video production is complicated, with lots of moving parts that we simplify by breaking them into different services. Each is a balancing act between experience and understanding, technology and software, skill and inspiration. JUST AHEAD OF THE CURVE, we are creatives who suffer from a touch of tech geekiness and a tendency to cross role boundaries

Pre-Production is always the starting point on any project - whether we are handling every aspect of a large multi-camera shoot and edit or just providing a camera crew, some color grading or a few hours of editing. Pre-production is where we take the brief on the project as a whole from the client team, discover the details on what has to be done and

As CLAi's principal, I have been shooting 35mm film and the highest quality broadcast video for over 25 years. In an ever changing technical landscape it is this sort of expertise and experience that allow our clients to sleep soundly before a shoot day. Production is where we put together the raw ingredients that will create the final program. We do

Post-production, or just post, for film and video is everything that happens after the shoot and core components are completed. I love post-production - there, it just had to be said - because it's where the film or video project really happens, in one giant multimedia jigsaw! It's where you get to throw away all of the plans, storyboards and scripts

And every client and potential client wants to achieve this, regardless of the type, size and complexity of the video production. However, as so many of our clients see it, the obstacle to doing this is always the same - the perceived cost of a high quality production. As one of our more forthright customers insists on saying at the start, middle and

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