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Hencar is a full service video production company based in Atlanta, GA with a convenient office location in Buckhead. Our approach is simple. We tell great stories. Your stories. Here's how we'll work together with you. WE are content producers. We take your story, your message, your mission, and bring it to life through compelling video. Our team brings decades of experience with national media to your project, creating powerful audience engagement and solid ROI.

YOU have a story to tell. It can be a story about your product, your service, or a personal story. A television or web show, a marketing video, a social media video. You know who needs to see it, and why. Now you need someone to refine the message, bring out the details, and present them with maximum impact. You also need someone who knows how to deliver that final product to your target audience.

From concept development to the final project upload, we can do everything under one roof. When the multimillion dollar consultancy firm Afterburner Inc. wanted to profile their founder and CEO, they called on Hencar to deliver a memorable video.

read more › Our years of experience have honed each step of our content production process, making it smooth and streamlined. You get the final say in every crucial aspect, from the script to the production schedule to the budget. We set clearly defined milestones so you can track our progress, ensuring your dream comes to life exactly as you envision it.

read more › We're committed to diving deep into your project, getting to know it from top to bottom. What are your goals? Who is your audience? What makes your message unique? In the pre-production phase, we'll work with you to develop a style, a concept, and a treatment that meets your needs within your budget.

read more › Now the dream starts coming together as we execute the plan we developed in pre-production. During this phase we collect all of the elements needed to put your video together. Only the best cameras, lighting, and audio equipment will do for your project. It's an exciting time, but there are a lot of aspects that have to be coordinated perfectly.

read more › We've got the raw materials. Now we refine and weave them together into a finished product that will let you shine. Getting everything just right is the paradigm at Hencar, and that's why post-production is such a crucial step in the process. It's also the one that many clients understand the least.

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