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Digipulse is an Orange County based full service Video Production, Aerial Videography, and Digital Animation Company. We live to tell stories through the eye of lens using state of the art equipment on the ground and in the air. Video production is our life and we're good with that. When you do something you love, life and business are no longer seen as separate parts of your day.

Video production is something you never want to compromise on. The video production company you use for your project will play a crucial role in the quality of your video, the filming experience, and the project outcome. Your video production company is responsible for successfully conveying your brand's ethos and inspiring commercial interest in your product.

A video production company should be able to reach and connect with your ideal audience and potential customer. Video is the hottest marketing tactic right now. With the rise of video-based apps and consumers' obsession with being entertained, video production needs to be a highly valued part of your marketing strategy.

read more › If you're a Corporation, own a Service Company, in the Commercial Real Estate Industry, or you are looking to Brand Your Product, a solid video production is critical. In order to get noticed or found it used to be that one had to have a website, now you have to have a website and a video. Humans have become so used to skipping the text (surprised you're even reading this) and going straight to the video. And if you don't have a video embedded on your home page chances are that the viewer will move onto the next site, or your competitor.

read more › For over a decade we've been helping bring our clients ideas to life. Our team of creative storytellers understand how to captivate and engage your audience while effectively communicating your message through this dynamic visual medium. It's no coincidence that over the years Digipulse has become the go to video production company in and around the Orange County area. Enough blabbing, let our work speak for itself.

read more › What It Means To Be A Legal Drone 107 Certified Pilot First off it's illegal to fly for commercial purposes without a 107 certification. Not only can the Drone Pilot get fined or even jailed for flying without a 107 Certification while conduction paid projects so can the business hiring. There are numerous reasons to want plastic surgery, but a few desires are consistent. Clients want to work with surgeons that they trust and in whom they have confidence. One of the best ways to build trust and confidence in a business like this is through the use of authentic video and photography.

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