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Beard Boy Productions See, our name may be silly, but our clients love the seriously effective way we work.

As Orange County's first "production agency, " we combine the creativity of an ad agency with the expertise of an experienced video production company to deliver TV commercial production, corporate video production, radio spot production, health care animation, 3D medical animation, higher education video production, augmented reality video production, virtual reality video production and more: Strategy through creative, production, media placement and digital asset management - all for far less than ad agencies charge.

Our mission: We blend information with entertainment to provide clients with more persuasive marketing content solutions.Our decades of experience and diverse client list prove we're established pros. That earned wisdom has created The Beard Boy Way. It leverages trademarked strategies that add great value to every project. We're not up-and-comers.

We're up and already there. Beard Boy Productions is Orange County video production with a full range of strategic, creative and value-adding services that the traditional corporate video production company, TV commercial production company, higher education production company - not to mention the typical augmented reality video production company, virtual reality video production company, health care animation company and 3D medical animation company - can't match.

read more › Founded over two decades ago by a hirsute ad-agency creative, Beard Boy became the first Orange County entity to combine agency-level creativity with commercial production expertise to form "a production agency" -- combining the best of an ad agency with the best of a video production company (and the worst of neither). Along the way, we've invented a number of proprietary processes that shave dollars off our costs and make you smile while delivering more quality content for your money. You're within a whisker of all this added value as you experience The Beard Boy Way.

read more › Beard Boy Productions is an Orange County corporate video production company. But that's like saying is an online retailer or that the New England Patriots are a football team. It's true, as far as it goes, but it's only part of the story. You see, Beard Boy is a corporate video production company that specializes in writing and producing content for all kinds of clients, all over the country. We create branding videos, sales videos, explainer videos, TV spots, radio commercials and social media videos for health insurers, restaurants, pro sports teams, financial giants, retailers, medical device makers, technology companies and many more.

read more › As you can tell from our silly name, Beard Boy Productions is an Orange County video production company that's all about being different. Over 25 years ago, we were the first entity to offer video production in Orange County, CA as a TV/video/radio/animation "production agency, " blending the creativity of an ad agency with the savvy of a production company-all the while combining information with entertainment to provide clients with more persuasive video content solutions. Today, our decades of experience and diverse client list have given rise to another distinctive, video-production-Orange-County-CA difference: The Beard Boy Way -offering five proprietary services, strategies and processes that add great value to every project-including idea-to-archive creative and production services, more repurposeable elements for no added cost, quicker input sessions and budget/schedule-sensitive second-to-none responsive service.

read more › Today, everyone and their third-cousin Todd claims to be a TV commercial production company. So allow us to point out three ways our TV commercial production company is different and, we aim to prove, better. Unlike the up-and-comers tumbling out of college these days, we're up and already there. Have been for over 25 years. Creating effective TV campaigns for all kinds of clients, large and small-from John Deere to Bank of America to Blue Cross Blue Shields to Miller Beer to Los Angeles Angels to neighborhood restaurants and retailers all over America.

read more › From the summit of his mountaintop ashram, the Blue Guru sits cross-legged, contemplating the state of contemporary health care while dispensing crystalline nuggets of health insurance marketing wisdom for all to share. The Guru's loyal acolytes at Beard Boy Productions then channel his sage advice into creative, memorable, effective TV, radio and video content for Blue marketers across America. Our team of Guru devotees is comprised of ad agency creatives with more than two decades of experience in Blue health insurance advertising; value-conscious producers; media buyers who get you double the exposure for your budget; and former Blue marketing pros who know the business well.

read more › A. In today's hypercompetitive marketplace, educators must engage their audience more persuasively and frequently than ever. B. Audiences, by a margin of 80 percent, prefer to be informed and influenced via video - on a multitude of media platforms. C. Budgetary pressures, combined with this ever-growing need for content, means education marketers are demanding more value for their video production dollar. With this knowledge, Beard Boy Productions has created the Ed. Agency: A faculty of ad-agency creatives, budget-conscious video producers and savvy marketing pros who have successfully worked for -- and worked with -- colleges and universities for decades.

read more › Today's medical field is dominated by specialists. So too, Beard Boy Productions is a 3D medical animation production company and a medical video production company that specializes in creating effective, accurate, dynamic, aesthetic 2D and 3D medical animation, motion text graphics, visual effects, AR/VR and compositing for health care clients large and small across America. With two-and-a-half decades of experience, Beard Boy takes projects from initial consultation through scripting, storyboarding, project management and output in any video or still format-quickly and affordably.

read more › While the typical health care video production company attempts to wow you with its newfangled cameras, lighting and editing software, we're more interested in the light bulb over the cranium that signifies the arrival of a bright idea. Of course, we use the latest equipment to shoot and edit our health care video productions-and leverage the latest software to create our 2D and 3D medical animation-but we prefer to emphasize the kind of strategic thinking, CLIO-winning concepts, results-oriented scripting, keen eye for casting, tasteful art direction, Emmy-winning cinematography and discerning ear for audio gained from two-plus decades of working inside-and working alongside-scores of health care companies nationwide.

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