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Simba Productions is an award-winning corporate video production company located in New York City. Throughout our 41 years in business, we've produced thousands of videos for a wide variety of clients ranging from start-ups to long-established businesses like Google, Paramount Pictures, and IBM.

We produce content ranging from commercial and promotional videos, crowd funding and event videos, educational and legal videos, music videos, non-profit videos, to having just finished producing our first feature film, Extra Innings.Simba Productions has worked with many celebrities, including Robin Williams, Martin Scorsese, Gene Wilder, and Henry Winkler.

In 2016, Simba was ranked as one of the Top 20 Video Production Companies in New York City, Top 5 Kick starter Video Productions in North America and Top 10 Training Video Productions in North America. From conception to completion, we create polished, top-quality content produced to captivate your audience. Our top notch creative team of writers, directors, cinematographers, and editors will work with you to make the video production process as painless, budget-friendly, and rewarding as possible.

read more › Founded in 1979 by Albert Dabah, Simba Productions is an award-winning corporate video production company located in Manhattan. We believe in the power of visual media to communicate, promote, and inspire. In the modern world of viral content and short attention spans, we understand how video has evolved and changed. Creating content in this age requires creativity and adaptability, both of which we value strongly. We hold our work to the highest of professional standards, and our production team has a talent for every part of the process.

read more › Simba is a full-service corporate video production company. We are a one-stop facility that can handle all your video production needs from start to finish and everywhere in between. Our 41 years speaks not only to the expertise and professionalism of the service we provide, but also to our stability as a long-term service provider. When you need your next video project done, you can trust that Simba Productions will meet and exceed your expectations in quality and efficiency. We are experienced.

read more › We offer comprehensive camera and lighting options, shooting on everything from DSLR cameras (Canon 5D, 7D; Sony A7) to digital cinema cameras (RED, Arri Alexa, Sony FS7, Canon C-series, BlackMagic) in resolutions up to 4K. We can provide a studio space, build sets, or set up in the location of your choosing. Our directors and cinematographers can make even the most apprehensive subject comfortable in front of the camera. From the quickest interview to multi-day shoots in different locations, we can do it all.

read more › Our tireless post-production professionals work hard to refine and shape your vision. From the moment we bring your footage into our post-production suite, through the editing process, and onto the final touches, your editor will be well-versed and thoroughly immersed in your project. Your feedback throughout the editing process is considered invaluable. Our team can handle all manner of post-production needs: From picture editing through color correction; syncing sound; music licensing; to preparation for broadcast or web.

read more › Studio space in New York City always comes with a premium, which often far outweighs the quality of the space itself. Simba Productions has studio space that's not only affordable, but clean and generously sized. Located just below Herald Square in the heart of New York City, this little gem can accommodate photoshoots, videoshoots, castings, rehearsals, events, and anything else you need an open, quiet space for. Air conditioning, kitchen, microwave, mini-fridge, coffee machine, Wi-Fi, 12 different colored backgrounds, hair and makeup station, iPod dock with Bose speakers, and more.

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