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Mode Project Mode Project is a nimble and versatile video production company that partners with brands, agencies, causes and organizations to create engaging video content. As a full service creative studio, we use design, 2D / 3D animation, live action filmmaking and storytelling to connect with audiences across all channels and screen sizes - social media, TV, web and experiential.

read more › Mode Project is a Chicago-based video production studio specializing in design, animation and live action production. Our focus is on problem solving and gaining a deep understanding of our clients' communications goals. In live action production, we excel at artistic, documentary-style visual and emotional storytelling. Our films make the viewer feel something. Since 2002, we've continuously produced award-winning work that has been recognized throughout the industry. Bridging design and storytelling with a deep understanding of our clients' communication goals, we're able to produce solutions that are both compelling and relevant.

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