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Michael Group Productions We're a team of content creators. We're television production specialists. We're here to help you tell your story and make sure it's heard. We are experts in crafting dynamic television content, along with our understanding of traditional and digital media.

With over three decades experience in video and film production and public relations, the award-winning team at The Michael Group bring an understanding of all facets of media production and public relations planning from timeline development, pitching, research, budgeting, development, booking, field production and writing, to offline and online editing.

read more › With over three decades experience in video and film production and public relations, the award-winning team at The Michael Group bring an understanding of all facets of media production and public relations planning from timeline development, pitching, research, budgeting, development, booking, field production and writing, to offline and online editing. Our television work routinely appears on A&E, Travel Channel, History Channel, National Geographic Channel, Discovery, Animal Planet, The Weather Channel, NBC, and ABC News.

read more › Michael Weber, Executive Producer and Owner of The Michael Group, has been an award-winning producer, writer, and director for nearly two decades. Ms. Weber began her career as a Reporter for ABC News and after being in front of the camera, decided to try her hand at producing. She has never turned back. Michael has Executive Produced, supervised, written and produced reality, competition, documentary and lifestyle television for networks including: History, A&E, Discovery, National Geographic, Travel Channel, HGTV, DIY, Animal Planet, NBC, Weather Channel, bio, and Food Network.

read more › Our multiple video editing suites are spacious, comfortable and allow maximum creative control with the latest in high powered video editing technology to meet all of your post production needs. They are closely connected to two fully equipped, working studios to deliver the highest and most efficient client results. The Michael Group's new studio and full satellite connectivity allow our clients to broadcast live to anyone, anywhere in the world. Our studio packages are full-service, including the research and development of your story, preparation of your spokesperson and the option of producing the tour from a studio or remote location.

read more › In the eight one-hour episodes, Cooking Channel host Chef G. Garvin of Atlanta travels to eight cities across America to find the most creative local grillmeisters in two competing neighborhoods. The team that's deemed the best barbecuers takes home a $10,000 prize and bragging rights. The series kicks off with a prime rib face-off between the competing Williamsburg Hipsters dishing out Korean "cue" in a bid to beat the Latin-influenced flavors of the Gowanus Public Defenders in Brooklyn, New York, at a big Saturday night party with 80 to 100 guests.

read more › At The Michael Group, our reputation proceeds us. Our work is well known for its creativity as well as the high-quality productions that we produce. Our innate talent for storytelling allows us to deliver the best content for our range of network clientele. The Michael Group is a leader in non-fiction television series and programing. We have produced numerous TV series and specials for a variety of genres including reality, documentary, competition, lifestyle and docu-soap programming. We have made a name for ourselves with our compelling storytelling, "fresh" ideas, and unique access to great stories and characters.

read more › The first place to start is with a good concept. We'll help fully shape your story or message with thorough research, script development, and storyboarding. We'll develop a graphics package and with our experience in shoot planning and resource allocation, we'll ensure you stick to budget and schedule. We book crews and talent, line up interviews, and cut through all the red tape with our scouting and licensing services. The Michael Group provides a comprehensive package of pre-production services to bring your project from concept to completion.

read more › Our production services and team are the best in the business and we have the awards to prove it. With our experience and leadership, we assemble crews that are top-notch and perfectly suited to your project. From a short one-day local shoot to an extended six-month project in a foreign location, from simple B-Roll shoots to in-depth interviews and documentaries, we can do it all. We provide cutting edge services and production gear, ensuring your success. Nothing is too big or too small. The Michael Group offers video and film services of the highest quality.

read more › The Michael Group provides Directing services to ensure that your final product has the desired impact. Whether it be a single or multi-camera shoot, your Director will help manage numerous creative decisions such as camera and lighting placement, sound capturing, and staging the performances by actors and hosts. Whatever the project, your Director will work with the Producer to shape your material, resulting in an outstanding visualization of your project.

read more › In this area we excel. First, we'll research and develop the project, working with the Client and Producer to shape the message. Whether its Proposals and Treatments, short informational videos or long-form Documentaries, The Michael Group can handle all kinds of writing assignments for any type of format.

read more › The Michael Group works with the most experienced Video, Film and ENG crews in the Nation and around the world. We assess your needs and then, through our crew & talent booking services, assemble an outstanding team specially suited for your project. Behind the camera, our crews will impress you with their professionalism and skill. Through our casting services we will find you the best Narrator, on-camera Host, and Actors.

read more › The Michael Group will recommend the type of video & film gear your project needs. We assemble all types of camera, sound and lighting packages. Whether it be compact to high-end digital cinema camera packages, simple three-point lighting set-ups or full-on studio lighting, single microphone audio recording, or elaborate surround-sound set ups, we can do it all. Below is just a sampling of some of the gear and packages we can put together for your project.

read more › When it comes to public relations services, The Michael Group's knowledge of traditional and digital distribution gives you the advantage when sharing your story. As content creators, we're experts in crafting your message for your audience and getting it out. We drive campaigns that work for you-and whether you're about to go on tour, launch a new product, or host an event, our PR services fit your needs.

read more › Then satellite or radio media tours are just for you. These tours, on radio or on TV via satellite uplink, can reach millions of viewers and listeners during the course of just a few hours. Authors, artists, executives and spokespersons are among those who are often featured to promote an event, product, movie, and book release, just to name a few. The Michael Group has a wide range of experience with both RMT's and SMT's. We know how to help shape your message for both mediums, how to book appearances in markets all across the country, and how to manage the event as it's happening.

read more › Through our Media Training you will learn how to develop your message, then deliver it in a way that is both compelling and thought provoking in a manner that is confident and relaxed. Our training sessions are designed to assist any kind of professionals such as CEO's, Business Executives, Celebrities, and Chefs. We help shape the skills needed for presentations, public speaking, interviews, and on-camera appearances. The Michael Group teaches how to use body language to your advantage with additional tips on wardrobe and makeup.

read more › A company of any size can benefit from good brand awareness. Your brand is your identity. It reflects your company values and is supported through the types of services and products you offer. You could have a great message, but it will quickly get lost if you don't have good visuals to go with it. We'll combine your message with a great look to distinguish your company in the sea of competition. Visual themes, consistent colors, fonts, and of course your logo will all be incorporated into a distinct branding video.

read more › One of the most valuable tools can be webcasts, which can go a long way in saving time and money. By using streaming technology, you can broadcast an event or meeting "live" over the Internet, allowing people to share information without having to travel. There's another benefit too. Studies have shown that extending the reach of an event through a Webcast can actually help grow attendance at future events. Along with organizing your Webcast, The Michael Group can create video content, which can be incorporated into your Webcast.

read more › Today more and more companies and organizations are recording their special events - everything from grand openings to gala benefits, to music, dance and theatrical performances and red carpet events. No one ever has to miss the excitement, thrill and buzz generated by your live event when it's recorded in dazzling high definition then edited it into one complete package. It truly is the next best thing to being there. To keep the excitement alive, The Michael Group will record your event for later offering on the web or DVD, or for distribution to news outlets the same evening!

read more › Simply put, B-Roll packages are designed to help get your message out through media outlets. We will produce, edit, and distribute a package that includes B-Roll (video only), sound bites (interviews), and background information (written text). We'll then send it via satellite to TV stations across the country so they can report your story, whether it's about a special event, a new product, a corporate announcement, or the results of a new study. With a running time of up to five minutes, the package will contain key footage and interviews that outlets can use to put together your story.

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