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With a name like MERGE, you better be able to evolve, blend, & transform to an ever changing DIGITAL world and media landscape. As a commercial film production company, Merge Studios has been fortunate enough to work with some incredibly talented artists, agencies, and clients. Most of the cool projects we've worked on are right here on the site, but feel free to reach out to us if you want to know more.

Our team specializes in creating and high caliber stories with unique cinematic and artistic foundations. This, plus our high standard of quality client experiences are what define our synergy. As a group of artistic & creative storytellers our goal is simple, create beautiful content that seamlessly weaves stories that engage with an audience.

Whether production, motion graphic design, or post-production; Merge's award winning talent pool has done it time and time again for amazing clients, brands, and organizations around the world.It is a no-brainer to keep the assignments coming as you continue to deliver exceptional work.

Our edit suites exceed the expecatations of our clients in that they are versatile, flexible, scalable, and provide complete sound isolation. Merge offers best in class, technical support around the clock. Our cuttting edge edit system builds are tailored to the editor and project specifications. We've created an incredible environment for editor and

A full-service commercial production company based in Miami, Florida. We partner with agencies and brands from ideation to final execution. For our directors, creative directors, and creative partners, our team of producers develop customized solutions that respond to the particular needs of each production.

Our editorial suites are custom built to optimize versatility and scaleability. Each suite is built for complete sound isolation and exceeds the expectations and needs of our clients. Merge is a leader in adapting the latest hardware, software, and technical requirements to suit every project. Our suites are outfitted with ergonomic furniture to create

Bespoke artistry & design in motion. From hyper-real 3d capabilities and modern 2d animated landscapes, to camera-tracking, cleanup work, and retouching. Each project has a custom team of masters and generalists to deliver exceptional work for main titles, info-graphics, commercials ads, episodic television, feature films.

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